Beauty innovations: from micellar gels to legendary bands from the 80’s

Caring the primer seed of the Arctic cloudberry, the micellar gel for gentle cleansing of the skin, limited edition summer version of the fragrance by Victoria’s Secret fresh performance and other hot beauty trends.

Lip balm Liquid Color Balm Volupte, Yves Saint Laurent (2 537 rubles)

In a silver case — tool that combines two functions: the balm nourishes the lips and stain them bright and lasting color. Long-lasting moisturizing effect is achieved due to a 35% active aqueous phase, the composition is enriched with coconut milk and pomegranate extract. And the lips glistened like diamonds, formula supplemented with a complex of Liquid Light Complex is a super-bright pearly particles.

Unbelievable but true: after applying the liquid lipstick-lip balm remains hydrated up to four days. In a palette of 12 shades, from pale pink and peach to plum and coral. One of the most interesting — at number one is the mask lip gloss Volupté Lip Rehab Night Mask that works while you sleep. Simply apply one layer to lips at night and Wake up they will be soft and ready for morning kisses.

Caring primer that gives glow Invisible Illumination SPF 30, Lumene (1 790 rubles)

New from Lumene took, perhaps, the main function, which is necessary for our skin in the summer — it protects from UV rays. The primer also gives a Shine prolongs durability of make-up (especially in the heat, when the cream melts like ice cream) and moisturizes well. In the composition of ingredients brand brand — seed extract Arctic cloudberry, spring water, and also pearlescent pigments that smooth out minor imperfections and give a pearly luster.

The perfect shade to pick up don’t have: the novelty is represented in a universal color that blends beautifully with skin-conditioning serum with toning effect Invisible Illumination and other tonal resources of the brand.

Shower gel Adipower Shower Gel, adidas (255 rubles)

The novelty is based on a special technology Smart Body Response, the secret of which is that the capsules of freshness Adipower are activated and struggling to protect against sweat and odor under load and touching. Men’s shower gel has a woody-fruity aroma that is combined with the same deodorant, and the women turned to floral fruity and fragrant like a bouquet of freshly picked gardenias.

Hilitary Sculpt Highlighter, Bourjois (659 rubles)

Fresh and glowing skin is what summer is, isn’t it? If you don’t want to spend money on a palette from Kylie Jenner, look at the shiny new products from Bourjois. Light (he seems a bit pinkish in the bottle) suitable for Straubing (his, as taught by Miranda Kerr, you need to apply on the cheekbones to give the face a fresh and glowing), Golden accentuate a beautiful tan (you can add it to Foundation).

The texture of new products is pleasant and fairly persistent, the tool does not roll and keeps well in the course of a working day.

Sticky lip Artist Lip Blush, Make Up For Ever (1 500 roubles)

The once popular effect zatselovali lips raised up Val garland at the London fashion Week. Then in the autumn and winter show Preen by Thornton Bregazzi with a fluffy brush she had restorefile lipstick outside the lip contour models. To repeat a fashionable makeover has now become easier with the sticks Artist Lip Blush, Make Up For Ever. In the collection of ten shades of (nadovich flower-red) that blends perfectly with powder blush from the same line. Inside — three types of oil (including castor) and hyaluronic acid, which “will not allow the lips to dry”, as well as synthetic mica and quartz are responsible for easy application. To use the product, you can at least run at least, a convenient format in the form of a pencil to it has.

Lip Water Lip Stain, Clarins (1 750 rubles)

Experts Clarins offer us not be afraid to give kisses, because they will not be over. Water pigment Lip Stain at 77 percent water, so is instantly absorbed into the lips, leaving her no cover, only matte color (its intensity can be varied), a feeling of freshness and comfort. In the composition of Water beyond organic Lip Stain crimson water has aloe and a proprietary blend of Anti-Pollution based on white tea extract borodavkina and furcellaria, which, according to the authors, should protect against aggressive environmental influences.

In the collection you will find four bright shades: pink, coral, red and berry. Lip’eau a Levres goes well with all Clarins formulas, so it can be used alone, apply under lipstick Joli Rouge (to prolong its resistance) or oil-gloss Eclat Minute lip gloss with gloss effect.

Beauty-hair milk format spray, Gliss Kur (340 rubles)

To make your hair like in a shampoo ad, experts advise to follow a three-tier system of care. The first stage cleansing the hair and preparing for further care, the second stage is the conditioning for ease of combing of the tresses, and the third intensive (for example, the application of masks or salon treatments).

Having studied the beneficial properties of dairy proteins, Gliss Kur, the experts developed a tool for the final stage of care for weak and unruly curls — beauty-milk. It is a leave-in spray, texture similar to yogurt, but when applied it turns into a lightweight fluid. The product has a conditioning effect nourishes and simultaneously rekonstruiruet damaged areas of the hair. In the line there is money for damaged, weakened and unruly curls.

Velvet fabric gum Sprunchie, Invisibobble (about 300 rubles)

More than 30 years ago Madonna, demi Moore and Janet Jackson turned a velvet scrunchie in absolute trend and a must-have accessory. Since then, it has lost relevance and, moreover, became a sign of bad taste (we all remember the words of Carrie Bradshaw that no self-respecting resident of the Big Apple will not allow myself to go to a restaurant with a rubber band on the head). But fashion is cyclical, and the famous scrunchie are experiencing a real comeback. Last year we saw a revival in the collections of renowned brands like Mansur Gavriel and Balenciaga, and many celebrities: Bella Hadid, Hailey Baldwin, Jennifer Lopez, Bella Thorne and Ariana Grande.

The iconic band can now be found in line Invisibobble. Sprunchie is elastic velvet fabric, which is hidden inside the classic elastic band in the form of spirals. It is suitable for any type of hair, reliably fixes hair, leaves no creases and does not cause headache. The novelty is released in three colors: black, pink and leopard print.

Micellar gels Dove (129 rubles)

The trend for micellar products is now the particle-magnets added to the funds not only for the face and hair, but also for the body. So, the new micellar gels shower gel will delight a light texture, sulfate-free formula (no you SLS/SLES — these components are usually used in shower gels and have a negative impact on the skin) and the ability to effectively, but at the same time gently to remove dirt. Unlike their counterparts micellar gels don’t dry, and care for the skin due to the effective actions of nourishing and moisturizing components of the complex Nutrium Moisture.

In lines three types of gels with different aromas (“detox” with notes of lemongrass, “anti-Stress” with notes of sage and lime colors, chinotto and “Gel for sensitive skin” is odorless, irritating ingredients and fragrances).

Aroma Tease, Victoria’s Secret (3 899 rubles for 50 ml)

It often happens that the scent is becoming so popular that I feel it literally every second (remember, at the time it was with the “Empress” from Dolce & Gabbana). This just will not happen with a new Tease from Victoria’s Secret because every girl he is revealed in new ways. The composition is based on a mix of Gardenia petals, black vanilla, frozen pear and sandalwood. And all this fragrant bouquet, touching the skin, blooms, adapting to your body temperature.

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