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Tell about your favorite beauties Nyx Soft matte lip cream in 8 women, and one among them wormed 9th red Intense butter gloss.

  • I will start with those that represent most-soft matte. I think that everyone is familiar with this series of lipsticks.For me this is a favorite series, all the shades of love, in General, virtually no inconvenience to use, for me they are not.A brush for applying all shades of a common is a soft, fluffy sponge, perfect for me. As for TX — bright shades are generally smooth, but a shade darker than Hello, a bald head, kakania and sliding on the mucous membrane, was dark Copenhagen — I got rid of that awful roll. Wanted to get Transylvania, but after this experience, did not. Flavor-pleasant candy-caramel-I try the light scent, imperceptible on the lips.

Love the compact size and 8 ml! Not that Suede Liquid, where the bottle club and only 4 ml!!!

  • Light is not so problematic-slightly stronger than a bright slide and because of their shades to accentuate the peeling. The consistency of the matte mousse, I would have described, when applied the lipstick has a slightly satin finish, after a while-completely matte. Durability is decent, I experience a mild and low-fat snack. The colors that I have in the post, it is possible to correct. Note of the advantages that the lipstick is matte, but not “clay” and also note the ease of removing make-up just macalarney. In General, take a look at those that deserve to be in my use.

  • Nude Stockholm 02.
  • Beige, a little peach tint.I’m not rigid.

    2.Red Monte Carlo 10.

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    Pretty cool shade of red.

    With lips, absolutely hassle-free application and a sock.

    3. Unusual San Paulo 08.

    No pop, deep shade of pink.

    Chameleonic in different lighting

    By the way, on Russian site store nyx it is no more. 4. Favorite Madrid 27.

    The brick-red hue. Very self-sufficient.

    First, a little naughty, then paint. 5. Favorite Addis Ababa 07.

    Luxury pink color, cool, everything I love.

    Often I mix my schedule with a tinge of Seoul, making a gradient. 6. Coral beauty Ibiza 17.

    pretty calm pink with a coral hint of color, very wearable.

    7.another one of my love-Seoul 30.

    Need to buy a brace. Great cool lilac, perfectly smooth teeth, wonderful TX .

    In General-love! 8. Finally — my most complimentary lipstick.The Beauty Of Prague 18.

    Have 2 doubles left) want more.My most versatile lipsticks.

    Also, apply on the run, how can anything to correct. 9. Intense butter gloss 05 Apple crisp

    A beautiful cool red.Has an excellent mouth-watering glossy, dense opaque coating.Will leave its mark, of course, everywhere, but for my lips I have nothing to worry about. Brush-sponge similar to the Soft matte, but slightly longer and more flat.

    Left soft matte, butter gloss right


    My assessment is all but Stockholm – 5.Perhaps this is a very subjective assessment, I have heard that they have a lot of dried lips.I feel comfortable using these lipsticks. Stockholm me hard 4 plus. The cost is in different places from 450 to 600 RUB.

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