Because of allergies, the woman looks like a victim of bad plastics

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The 33-year-old Kelly an unusual form of Allergy, which swelled her entire face. It is not clear what causes the reaction.

The British resident of Essex Kelly Marshes faced with an unusual form of Allergy. Myself, Kelly does makeup, and when the face appeared a little red, the girl at first did not pay attention, and just painted over the spot.

Later appeared the redness began to itch and spread. Kelly went to the doctor, she was diagnosed with chronic spontaneous urticaria. It would seem that the problem is solved – just need to avoid contact with the allergen. But the doctors did not understand what Callie is caused such a reaction. The girl tried to abandon the usual cosmetics and detergents, some time she only ate rice diet chicken and vegetables that are the least allergenic.

But nothing helped – the skin condition only worsened. The Allergy tests did not help identify the cause of urticaria. Now Kelly’s face, her lips and eyes are very swollen, increased in size by about half. The girl is often mistaken for the victim of a bad plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures.

Kelly is experiencing constant discomfort, but most of all she fears that because of illness she could lose her job.

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