Becca Line + Define Pencil Crayon Eyeliner #Cabrera

I think that Australian brand Becca is familiar to many tonal creams and hilateral. Latest — direct skate brand. But I decided to approach it not with the traditional way for travelers chose a lip gloss and a double eyeliner. And if glitter was well, quite mediocre and not worthy of attention and brought even the inspiration for the photo on instagram, the pencil caused a bit more emotional and, as you understand, today I’m talking about him and talk.

The design is nothing special, a wooden pencil with two shades, there are many places. The only significant minus is easily removable caps. That is, if you put it in a bag and took it to work, then on arrival, chances are you’ll find the flying cap, a broken pencil, and stained the rest of the cosmetics. So((

A variant of the Cabrera is himernye the neutral shades of light bronze and violet. Always relevant and asking almost all of my makeup.

The pencil is soft, glides on well century and draws on the dry shadows, even after a year and a half (or even two). I just started noticing that some of my eyeliners after some time dried up completely and ceased to draw in the shadows. So in the trash went all my pencils Marc Jacobs and… mmm, what else, can’t remember) So, Becca.

Pencil resistant, but clings to the skin not tightly, if strongly rubbed, it is possible to erase the tail of the arrow. The coating has a easy, on the eyes is not felt, does not crack throughout the day. Not smeared and does not tarnish.

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The variant with a bronze mate: good fit taupe from the palette Light from the summer collection of Chanel this year.

And with purple from the same palette. The pencil and the shade is just made for each other, perfectly complement and accentuate!

What have you tried Becca? What do you like?

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