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The highlighter from Urban Decay I looked for a long time. Honestly, few who will not tremble heart at the sight of this flickering box. Here’s my not stand it.

The product according to the manufacturer as Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder for Face and Body — powder for the face and body with the glow effect, but I can’t imagine relevant to its use as a powder. Except for the clavicles, but certainly not as a product for the entire face. However, these details did not belittle the advantages of this highlighter.

The appearance of highlighter it is impossible to ignore: the gift and looks very presentable. The box itself is divided into two sections: one stored brush in the other, in fact, the product itself, under the hinged lid is a small mirror.

Usually do not use the brushes that come with makeup, but this seemed very convenient. Pleasant to the touch, compact and gets the product evenly on the face.

Highlighter I got in Shade Aura.

The packaging looks warm Golden with a pink undertone when applied due to the translucency becomes much lighter but a pinkish hue, and Golden shimmer stay in place. Depending on lighting the color may look colder.

I love himernye texture, so until the makeup of this highlighter had to test a lot of products. Unfortunately, in many shimmer or unevenly distributed, or the particles were too large.

In Naked Illuminated shimmer markedly pronounced. You, no doubt, will Shine with this highlighter. At the same time, the sequins are quite small and easily shared, so the skin looks nice and unobtrusive.

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Durability — the only disadvantage of the product. With cheekbones he could disappear fairly quickly, but it is a problem to be solved: to paint under it with a thin layer of primer for the face, and he heroically endures with me almost all day.

You can also apply highlighter on a sticky base for the shadows in the corner of your eye. Laying down a thick layer, it looks more deep pink, but it retains its glow.

I think the highlighter adequately meets all requirements. Since the appearance in my purse it has become very popular product used frequently and with pleasure. Suitable to output images, and everyday, adding in a simple sudovy makeup highlight.

Volume: 6 C.

Price: 2 990r.

Rating: 5 out of 5

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