Beiersdorf has launched a new brand for the first time in 30 years

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Beiersdorf has recently announced the launch of its first new brand. The last time a new brand that began over 30 years ago. The new business unit Nivea – Oscar & Paul – will present their brand Stories Skin at the end of this month.

Line Skin Stories – Performance Cosmetics were developed jointly with experts in the field of permanent makeup to ensure systems of care for tattooed skin. The manufacturer is sure that the novelty will be in demand among the local population. In particular, almost every fifth German now has a tattoo, and among women aged 25 to 34, the share is even close to half, and the number continues to grow. The desire to maintain the quality of the picture on the skin will contribute to the demand for Skin Stories. Line includes four products, including sunscreen, body lotion with UV filters for daily use, purifying serum for intensive care and strengthening skin structure and restoring balm is suitable for new tattoos and promotes regeneration of the skin containing a combination of active ingredients known collectively Inkguard-Technology. New skin collection will be available in retail stores and a separate tattoo parlors.

The launch of the first new brand of Beiersdorf marks another milestone in strategy C. A. R. E.+. With his series of care products for tattooed skin of the business unit, which also seeks to implement innovative business models, have won a new category of funds on skin care. The challenge now is to gain a foothold in this niche market, to offer consumers effective product and breathe life into the brand’s goal is “to Make the tattoo better and safer.”

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“Tattoos are becoming increasingly popular and has long ceased to be a symbol of the uprising. Now they are a personal accessory. But few know how to properly care for a tattoo – says Hauke Voss, Director of the Oscar & Paul – Corporate Indie Brands. – Because the wizard tattoo is not a profession that requires formal training, there are no standard ways of gaining experience in tattooing from the standpoint of dermatology, although this experience will further improve the art of tattooing. That is why in addition to product development Skin Stories the company created the Expert Circle – first analytical center for contemporary art tattooing. Now it will unite the various disciplines in the field of skin research and the skill of the tattoo”.

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