Belarusian shade-a Very Pro Limited Edition in shade 06 Berry Jam

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Hello! Today I want to tell you about my meeting with the shadows-a Very Pro. Fashion okolicsanyi shades still won’t let me.


The first review on these shadows I noticed it was here on the., a couple of months ago, very interesting and attractive post came from Julinka. To find this company in the city offline is simply impossible, so I had to wait for more reviews on different resources. Accidentally I met this series, which, incidentally, is limited, in a joint procurement. Well and at absolutely low price, I decided to try at least one shade from this series.

Actually, I’m not too familiar with decorative cosmetics from Belarus, I tried to only mosaic Lux Visage in the shade No. 6 “Hazy Mirage”.

So today, let’s talk about the single shadows — a VERY PRO LIMITED EDITION in shade 06 Berry Jam.

A little run on the design. The shadows are packaged in plastic, cover transparent (this is done for convenience of choice of shades from the collection), no mirror and sponge for application. Close the shadows are pretty hard, but I think over time the lid will still pop off, and the inscriptions gonna do.

The shade is very unusual: bright, satin, different angles of view, he and the maroon-red and red-violet. The texture is very loose, easily recruited as a brush (though if fluffy, maybe a little to crumble and flat) or just a finger.

Macro photo

In your eye makeup I will use a base for shadows, her shadows hold on to victory. The usual make-up remover micellar water or two-phase liquid. I noticed that these shadows are great “friends” with the shades and textures, in particular, the transition from the base color to the color of the drawn folds of the eyes is almost invisible.

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Well, some use cases 😉

  • The shade applied just on the base, in the crease VG Professional Make Up Eyeshadow in shade 71

  • Here the shade is also printed on the base, flat brush, only in the crease of a different hue — Mac Encheese from the palette The Balm Appetite. I think that he is in the pink plum range of appropriate primary color.

  • Well, the most bright and festive use for evening makeup. Under the eyebrow and in the inner corner of the eye Fabulous, the external part of the eye darkens the tone Friendly -both colors of палеткиTheBalm Nude ‘dude, eyeliner Inglot AMC Eyeliner gel in shade #90. It even seems that with shading and eyeliner main shade differently played.

In General, tint I really liked it in pier in the world.

Price: 130 Russian rubles

Rating: 5

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