Belief in miracles. Silk manufactory

Remember that a long time ago I read posts about the production of Silk manufacturers here in the.. Considered the pillowcase and thinking about buying. Many have heard that a silk pillowcase do not leave creases on the face, not confused and do not break the hair. Can’t imagine how nice the New year to obtain a tight envelope with a wax seal and a real silk cocoon. 😍 I would no be surprised if this magical bundle brought tawny Owl.

Inside were three sealed packages:

  • mint turban for drying hair
  • tissue silk organza
  • glove for face peeling from wild silk, this light and fluid cream (for normal to oily skin)

I want to start a story with turbans. It has the standard size, same as Terry. I have shade raspalennoe mint. It is very unusual to wrap in her hair. It seems like such a fine and smooth fabric is not able to absorb, but nooo! It perfectly and uniformly absorbs moisture from the washed hair. Turban double, all seams are hidden inside, never sticks out of any strings.

On the narrow end of the turban there is a loop and it fixes all of the tissue and hair at the back with silk buttons. A gift is a gum with mint silk flower. Very very nice looking.

Smooth silk smoothes the hair and makes it smooth throughout the length, without damaging the structure of the hair and the constant use of silk will help to solve the issue of split ends.

Another important point β€” the turban weightless. That is, if wrap head with a towel, or wear a Terry turban for drying (microfiber), it either puts pressure on the head, or just heavy and it will not sit longer than 5 minutes. Well, it looks like this:

And the heroine of the post β€” beautiful)

Rating: 5+ (it’s all magic to thin silk soaked up so much water from the hair)

Price:2200 RUB.

Tissue silk organza to face wash. Thin, translucent, but resilient, as if starched. There is a loop for hanging. Reminded me of the tape in my childhood, which were tied on the braids.

Designed for daily cleansing of the skin. And again it was difficult to believe that the thin, almost transparent napkin is able to do something with the face. Ringing flick:the tissue paper acts as a daily light exfoliation. After washing the face is noticeably more smooth, polished. You can compare the feel of the brush, Foreo. The only difference is the price.

Fulfilled very efficiently. All edges are serged with a special seam, never sticks out of any thread.

The manufacturer recommends to cover with a cloth the palm of your hand, moisten with water and gently wash your face. The skin is cleansed of residual makeup, impurities, sebum secretion, improves the overall complexion. Everything and even more, wet the napkin becomes more like elastic and healthy pills the skin. Several movements β€” and a pleasant feeling rushes of blood to the face. I suppose you could even overdo it! Therefore, it is necessary to heed the manufacturer’s recommendations β€” do not overdo it and act neatly.

Rating: 5+ (noticeable peeling even oily skin)

Price: 600 RUB.

Mitten for the peeling of the wild this light and fluid cream silk. This very high quality mittens color ecru, with a hole for your thumb and ruffled cuffs. Decorated with silk flower. The mittens have a loop. The look resembles a coarse woven fabric, like linen shirts have a ladies peasant Yelizaveta Murom)

All seams are neat, nothing sticking out.

Mittens sits comfortably on the hand and flies.

The manufacturer recommends exfoliating on a dry and cleansed face with light movements along the massage lines, without affecting the area around the eyes. Do not overdo it. It just seems that the fabric can carry with impunity in the face. Easy moves enough. The silk glove peeling perfectly cleanses the skin and stimulates cell regeneration.

Rating: 5+ (smoothing of skin relief, cleansing, gentle heat from a rush of blood to the face)

Price: 600 rubles at the official website.

With the beginning of a cold and dark time of year I first tasted the full strength of the acid. So like the effect of the absence of inflammation, clean pores, smooth terrain that appeared experiences β€” what am I gonna do acid when you see the sun? No, you smeared SPF, but I can’t stand them in the middle of Russia. And with the advent of napkins organza and silk mittens know that I will be able to maintain the effect of acid peels and without applying the peels.

Any of these could make an excellent gift for both women and men (and how?)

On the website, but from a range of masks for sleep, the most varied and beautiful. Can’t wait, as even with night curtains, as the hotel is still the source of some light. Whether it’s a light bulb a humidifier or cat’s eyes in the light of the moon((

Thanks for the read!

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