Belor Design, lipstick “Smart girl” Be color in shades 115, 119, 125

Good day!

I came to you with greetings again from the Belarusian lipsticks, this time the brand

Belor Design, their lipstick“Smart girl” Be color in shades115, 119 (two Nude), 125 (bright shade) . The cases in this series means updated, coloring number, as I understand it, remained the same.

Design: the case of lipsticks are made of thick opaque plastic, the inscription on it slightly convex generic, glossy, at the junction of the cap and the case has a glossy belt. The bottom of the case is decorated with a color label with the number of shades (the names of the colors I have not found) β€” the color doesn’t match even with the stick and transferred implausible, judge for yourself πŸ™‚

Lipstick of this line are creamy, creamy, supple, satin finish. The stick is soft and can “sweat”, to melt in the heat and sun. The cut resembles an inverted triangle soft β€” very comfortable to prokras lips, grinds evenly.

The scent of the lipsticks is: himichna, after the application is not felt. It is quite acceptable.

Durability: nudy holding up 3 hours before the first food or even a glass of water. Eaten up gradually and delicately, do not leave Tinta, sink into the folds of the lips. Bright hue overlaying can be spread along the contour, but lasts longer, leaves a tint that can be washed off with macalarney. Before eating it is advisable to remove and you can turn into the Joker. In the folds of her lips a little too sinks.

And now separately on each instance of:

Shade 115: nodoby beige-pink shade. You may also emphasize lips. Because light shade can highlight peeling, despite the creamy formula. Strange undertone β€” warm then cold, more often cold.

1 layer left, right β€” 2

119 shade: beige-brownish shade. It’s a real lipstick-chameleon: Swatch warm brown look, but my appearance all the shades look cooler. Optimal lightness and softness of texture. Falls Vlasenko, peeling smoothes.

1 layer left, right β€” 2

Shade 125: uncompromisingly bright dark pink with a purple cool undertone. Lipstick draws attention to itself, it has clean color, free of impurities, so more black girls.

1 layer and 2 layer

All the shades in order:115, 119 and 125

Cost: about 200 rubles.

Rating: nydam 115 and 119 β€” 5β€” (flowing); bright β€” 4 (the same flow and the ability of fuzzy outline when overlaying)

Thank you for your attention) and what the Belarusian lipsticks are your favorite?)

I’m Anya)

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