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Swiss brand Berenice is becoming increasingly known for its nail polishes and nail care. Brand products have repeatedly confirmed his quality, and I take care line of the brand for a long time and tried a few polishes from different collections. The brand positions its lucky as breathable, that is, they leak air and moisture.

All lucky brand are produced with the formula 5 free system and is completely safe for nails.

Brush varnishes wide and very comfortable.

Today I’d like to show two of varnish that have formed me into a great Duo and I use them mainly in a double manicure.

Berenice Oxygen Nail Lacquer #47 Warm Olive

Nail cream olive green with tiny Golden shimmer-pollen, which adds a varnish of modulations, bit depth and warmth of tone.

The consistency of the cream is quite liquid, but the paint doesn’t flow over the cuticle and fits well from the first layer, absolutely no bald spots.

For the volume of coverage you need two coats of varnish. The coating is thin and dries in 10-15 minutes in two layers to the base with the top. Resistance around 3-4 days. Then the lacquer is rubbed on the tips, but not chipped pieces.

It’s probably a good olive color, which is great for pale skin and even in the cold season, when the skin is a little red, a shade of varnish Warm Olive does not look foreign.

Berenice Oxygen Nail Lacquer #75 My Stars

Tint My Stars it is warm granular gold, which may look as profitable to solo and be a focus in a double manicure. I like both versions, but the latter is still preferable, although the New year I met in pure gold 🙂

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My Stars has a thick consistency and lays down a thick layer the first time, you can use over a base Polish, two coats solo. The first layer gives a dense opaque coating.

Polish seems rough on the finish, but in fact the coating is homogeneous.

This shade dries a bit longer than the above-described brother — 20 minutes two layers to the base with the top. Durability 3-4 days, and then erased the tips.

This varnish is very similar to the famous Chanel Diwali in form and mood, but Chanel is still a little thinner and more looks good solo, not duets.

I think My Stars very well decorated manicure with Warm Olive. But it is possible to go beyond this.

Both the Polish easily washed off with IDSL and cotton pad, not smeared and the skin/nails do not stain. Very high quality varnishes, and palette of the brand’s all ecomaniacs taste.

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