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Only recently I wrote a post about her meeting with Berenice and brand of varnishes, which I liked. Today I want to show you the polishes that I liked very much!

As I have said many times, I love himernye lucky. If the varnish contains a shimmer, in 99% of cases I’d like it.

And yet, I’m trying to take a picture varnishes in the shade, well, the main Swatch, at least. In the sun I show them rare. A) because the sun can forget to visit b) because lucky (as well as other cosmetic) loses fidelity in color and substantially warming or changes its color, so any editors will not correct. Today’s beauty I will show you in both cases.

Berenice 88 Bright Comet

Pink-red, sometimes a little neon, with lots of tiny silver shimmer, why a certain angle or the light seems colder and Pinker, and sometimes even acquires a blue undertone that seems unique — coral and blue — but it looks cool. Such a classic, perfect for any image. Will bombyces in manicure in the sun.

Lac docile, easily fit in 2 layers. For photo without top. The design without base lasts 3-4 days, then slowly begin to jam the tips. The varnish does not crack, not flies. Rinse well, finger nails and the skin around it does not stain. Itself dries not spectacularly fast, but even you can do without the top (remember, I scolded tops that I have? So I try to do without them, so speed dry top coat for me is now particularly relevant. Then — OK).

Berenice 88 Bright Comet against the bright sun. Just burns!

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Berenice 90 Stardust

Lacquer-chameleon reminds me of the back of the beetle. The sun is particularly versatile in unexpected places goes to brown, remaining partially green-gold. Complex, rich, interesting color. Perfect for autumn, don’t you think?)) Looks cool with denim.

The same smooth Polish-dvukhsloinykh. On the photo again without the top. There native gloss is more noticeable. To wear more good — without top is perfect for holding on okah 4-5 days, then slowly rubbing the tips. To speed the drying of the lacquer of claim 0, so I don’t know what else to write;) as Usual does not stain the nails and skin even without the use of the base. Like. Very original varnish.

Berenice 90 Stardust in the rays of the bright sun:

Berenice 89 Galaxy

Oh, well, it’s right my love! I have a few super-beautiful purple shimmery varnishes, but the Galaxy has eclipsed them all! This scattering of gold, red, Burgundy shimmer in the purple base makes the Polish so versatile, so handsome, so… as a gemstone though Nail Polish for all seasons, and under any skin tone, as well as for every mood and occasion!

It’s incredible even in the shade:

But here is not all rosy on the TX. Varnish needed 3 coats, but always very thin, otherwise you can get bubbles (that I had not hovered, will be my top next to me))) ). Here, for example, 2 layers tightly I couldn’t get the beautiful place, I always have little bald spots Yes there (look at the photo above on the index finger — that’s where everything is clearly visible), so I feel better in 3 thin his paint.

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Despite all efforts still dries quickly and is worn as previous Lac 4-5 days without any problems with all the homework. And gloss! What’s the native luster! Feast for the eyes, and only.

Berenice Galaxy 89 in the sun:

Oh yeah, brushes varnishes. Exactly reveal a semicircle near the cuticle and does not even have to adjust. Bravo!

By the way, have you seen the new collection? do you like it? It’s a look that I liked))

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