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Breathable base and top 🙂

Along with the colored lacquers Swiss brand Berenice I was able to try a caring and protective equipment.

Mark creates a coating, breathable and water — breathable, and working in the system 5 free: no toluene, DBP, formaldehyde resin, phthalates and camphor.

Base coat and top heroes review created on this same concept.

Berenice Oxygen base protects the nail from adverse environmental conditions, from corrosive pigment bright varnish, provides long-lasting manicures dries quickly.

Berenice Oxygen top coat gives a bright gloss to the manicure and prolongs its firmness, protects from scratches and tarnishing, dries quickly.

Both products contain UV filters.

The compositions of the confirming 5 free

My experience

Base lies a thin layer, a little roughness, but it is not leveling the surface. Dries well. And its presence does not affect significantly the drying speed of the subsequent color change.

The top also fits with a thin layer itself is not drying, but dries relatively quickly. The gloss gives a bright and keeps it long.

Coating base + top self-dries in 10 minutes.

For purity of experiment I wore them separately from colored polishes. Sometimes you want a break from color, but nothing to protect my nail Polish is kept dry and exfoliate. And then out of the clear coat.

I was impressed by the durability, even on the background of the chores. I cooked, washed the dishes, did flowers in pots, washed my head (well there is quite a horror), but the coating base+top is not split off, not rubbed on the edges and almost faded within 4 days. That there was chipping, I was particularly impressed. Then, the coating is plastic, it will appreciate the owners of soft nails. This rare property.

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Can you compare for example with ANNY 6 in 1 — the famous tool base and top at the same time. I usually used it when he grew tired of coloured varnishes. Applied in two layers. Anya I have a couple of days pinned, could not withstand Hazrat. And Berenice hold.

In addition to pure experiment, I wore a base and top with colored lacquers, as a family, and other brands. The normal flight. Base goes well with anything as top.

The naked truth of my nails 🙂

Swatch. Nails base and top in a single layer.

At the ends of growing marathon “June yellow” orange and yellow varnishes much yellow nails…

It is seen that top.:)

Overall, a really resistant plastic coating with good gloss.

Well, it is clear that the nails underneath are well preserved, not wither and do not turn yellow.

Price each tool 530 per 15 ml.

The testing period is more than a month.

Evaluation of each tool is 5!

Girls wear nails negligee? And bases on the varnish you use?

Thank you for your attention to my review!

I — Faith.

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