Berry Luxvisage Pin Up Ultra matt in shade 508 Lolita

Good day, dear Kosmetiktasche!

Today I want to talk about lipstick Belarusian brand Luxvisage — Pin Up Ultra matt in a universal shade suitable for many — 508 Lolita.

The packaging of the lipstick primitive: plastic light scratches on a gathering; inscriptions from the carry bag will not last long (tested), but when caring for how much something will stretch. On top of the cap has a transparent window through which is visible the shade barely. And though the case was not a miracle of design ideas, the cap fits him tightly, the stick does not RUB against the walls of the case from the inside.

Cut fondant teardrop-shaped; because of its dry texture on the lips are formed propleshiny, which, after application it would not hurt to connect the brush.

Texture: thick, dry, matte, but not clay — finish “live”. When applying the lip stick pulls over. The finish becomes matte not once, but 5-7 minutes, the lipstick sits. Lips dry, peeling stress. Sometimes I wear it on the balm, the finish becomes creamy, and the lipstick feels comfortable.

Durability: quite large (5 o’clock somewhere), but can look sloppy on the mucosa (because of the long conversations, for example, lip dry). A glass of water, coffee, salad — lipstick will stay, but will stay with you, but afraid of fat, can sail on the lower lip in the corners — it is easier to remove it and upgrade after a meal.

To the left is one layer, right two

Color: dusky pink with a slight purple undertone. In the evening light may look reddish. Have been looking for that color, but were often caught close: Magenta, just dusty-pink or purple shades openly. Here, the color balance is met.

Drew Parallels between such instances (left to right):

1) Essence ultralast instant colour #16 Fancy blush. Zvezdelina pink with a purple undertone, but pink active.

2) Gosh #159 Boheme (cream). Frankly bright fuchsia. A spectacular shade, but sometimes you have modest.

3) Vivienne Sabo Matt Magnifique tone 213. On swatches the least similar to GP, but on the lips the effect is similar. But Vivienne brighter and more pink.

4) the heroine of the post. Restrained and confusing others. Quite the batch of different tones.

5) Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet #14 Plum plum girl. Frankly purple with a reddish undertone. Minimally similar with GP

Now let’s see the lipstick on the lips:

Nude lips: almost no pigment like a clear path, but there is peeling on the lower lip. Condition not critical, but not ideal

Lighting day — may slightly give to the red

Full image — photo is not very good, but the color looks so

Outside the window it was getting dark – lipstick has become more dark pink, reddish undertone is gone

Cost: about 200 rubles (depending on store)

Rating: 3 — dry and durability have failed. But your copy of love, got a brace and are willing to endure all the inconveniences.

And you know the lipstick with the shade, but with a better TX?)

I’m Anya)

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