Berry-vampire life with the palette Dose of Colors – Blushing Berries


Black Friday has already passed for a long time, and just starting to finally find its place in the collection, settling it comfortably. All the holidays I actively tried in the most spontaneous of his purchases: the palette Dose of colors, one of which will be discussed.

Box, which is very small and nothing special. Front — name, behind — the colours and names of colours, as well as all the necessary information like manufacturer, weight and composition. It opens easily, which pleases, and often there are incidents with the tearing of the carton when opened.

The front of the palette itself resembles the design on the box, only the surface it’s a metallic, shiny and as collecting fingerprints. I had to scrub it for normal photo better I will not tell, just trust me, it wasn’t easy. I like to not bother, still, important first of all the shade.

The shadows from spuskaytes without a flash under a ring a lamp

The colors in it and really berry, very bright and juicy. Included is the mirror, which opens to 180 degrees, is kept in any position and does not distort the image, and double-sided brush, it is suitable to use in field conditions. The lid closes with a latch, threats for nails that is not.

Top row swatches made a dry brush with no base, bottom — concealer Catrice.

Under the ring lampoil day winter light

As you can see, without a base shade show himself, to put it mildly, not magically. I minus will not be considered, still on the skin and never shade paint.

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All the shades are matte, soft and dust. Neat to save the palette in use is almost impossible. All this is tolerable, but the penultimate shade, Mixed Berries, so soft that it almost crumbles when set on the brush, and flow is adequate.

Further Swatch done on concealer Catrice dry with a fluffy brush.

Berry Chic

Berry Chic is the first and most favorite shade in the palette. He has an interesting peachy-pink color, full of analogs in my collection I have not found. Very easy to apply, moderately dusty, shade without any problems. 5/5

Rose Berry

Rose Berry — red-brown. Despite its richness, is applied is also more than adequately, maximally pull the blue from his eyes. Good even solo. 5/5

Berry Pop

Berry Pop is a real berry. Typed a little worse than the other shades, brightness should be actively layering (I’m for sure even pritoptyvaya on top of your finger). Deep, beautiful color. Not patnet, no flaking. 5/5

Mixed Berries

Mixed Berries is the only shade that is a little distracting from the overall pleasant picture. I mentioned that he crumbles in the brush when all this is applied reluctantly. On switche can see that the feather he went spots, and on the movable century the picture is not the most fantastic. But what color! Very beautiful brown-wine, for which I’m willing to forgive all these downsides, especially in a complex makeup they leveled the substrate and the transitional colors. 4/5

Berry Black

Berry Black — what can I say? Classic jet black. I always rejoice in the presence of these palettes because each of the makeup using milesnick. Claims to it, in principle, no, not shade it with a single brush stroke, but it is in principle difficult to expect from dark shadows. Superimposed cheerfully, and not smeared all over his face.5/5

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And the makeup, which I could not do.

In the feather Chic Berry , and Rose Berry, on a movable century Berry Popon lower eyelidMixed Berries, along the eyelashes and on the eye Black Berry.

I palette very much, it is possible to do and easy berry-summer look, and to create a real vamp. Minor flaws, in principle, does not interfere with my active and happy to use it through the day.

Cost: I ordered with a discount for €19.59 (at current exchange rate ~1430р)

Rating: 5/5

I’m Alena, me for you.

I hope that was helpful 🙂

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