Best in 2018. Part 1. Dekorativka

2018 beauty year has been very rich in new releases, restarts and collaboration. I just could not miss, and my beauty collection has been enriched with robust design innovations. But today I want to tell you about what is most stretched hands in the daily makeup, what was most in Vogue. At the same time year work plan was very stressful and such a action, so often needed just checked and don’t have enough time for any frills.

By the way, this beauty-the year I was held under the auspices of the brand Chanel, oddly enough. Especially after I 3 years before anything the brand did not take, so I “struck” the arrival of Lucia Peak. But in 2018 she began to mend, and almost each collection came to my taste, hence the many purchases)) total, posts 9 and 12 products.

So, today on decorative pieces.

In 2018 I went to a marked decline in my favorite beauty product — eye shadow (for some reason I turned my eyes on the lipstick, here is a twist!)) ) So the shadows in this section will be small, and 2 of 3 are the editions of previous years. And more:

Everything is simple — purple-brown palette, perfect for the office. Proven tools allow you to quickly apply shadows without time-consuming feathering, and other delights. From left to right: Tom Ford 01 Ripe Plum from the spring of 2015 (2 shades + layering), then cream shadow from RMK autumn 2016 and then five shadows Chanel Les Beiges Light of summer 2018.

And show you an example of the product in action. I hope it will be clearer.

Tom Ford Eye Color Duo Ripe Plum 01

It was a wonderful release. Shadows of the universal tone with a twist — white duochrome. It is beautiful, but layering the dark shade creates a truly magical effect. And it is especially beautiful in person and not in pictures.

RMK Classic Film Eyes 05

Each season produces something new. Not in the sense of a new color, a brand new product. In the fall of 2016 it was a cream shadow (and not only). Then I chose a classic chocolate color. Shadows are easy to apply, become flustered, do not roll down, working with them is sooo easy. And they produce a fantastically eye, though at first glance does not seem to be something enchanting.

Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Eyeshadow Palette Natural Light

Truly the MOST soft and silky shadows in my entire collection. All of the Succah and cle De For go behind this palette as a soft texture, and use. This palette is worthy of a double. Vanlaw!

The entire range of products for the face — from the tone to the blush. With blush, powder and concealer I decided right away, but over the choice of colors had to think about. Good this year, the move was a lot. Several colors — from almost white to January “tanned” August. But still I chose one, the one that was used most often. But everything in detail.

From left to right: Clinique Even Better tone Glow CN28, concealer Estee Lauder BB Highlighter 1C, then as much as 4 Swatch palettes for the face of Chanel Harmony of Powders (from light to mix), blush Chantecaille Bliss Cheek Shade powder Too Cool for School Loose&Silly/

And again more:

Clinique Even Better Glow Light Reflecting SPF15 Ivory Makeup CN28 (VF)

The tone is quite dark now, but 4-6 months I have to go. The average density, the average degree of masking, medium finish. The average in this case — the Golden mean. Excellent resistance even in +30.

Pro concealer Estee Lauder Double Wear Brush-On Glow BB Highlighter 1C Light (Cool) , I have not posted. I use it since October and absolutely love it. Actually, I’m not a big fan of such tools as pens, for me usually a little. As a rule, my more dense means to block blue. But there is only abundance, and opacity, and easy texture and all. Stay tuned, will post.

Chanel Premieres Fleurs Harmony of Powders

This Asian limitka this year. As soon as the first promo came out, I knew I should. Because it is a repeat pattern palettes as much as 2005 (though there was a palette). It’s just an incredible beauty (well, of course, that was before use))) ). But shades are good. And stable (so far) the aroma of watermelon rinds (school nostalgia!):

Chantecaille Bliss Cheek Shade Limited Edition

Beautiful second edition of blush this year. Was very limited this spring. Generally, Chantecaille blush considered one of the best, and this baby has confirmed my expectations. Light shade, easy blending, excellent resistance:

Too Cool For School Manufacturer: Loose&Silly Illusion 2

Koreans are entertainers, what could I say. But here they outdo themselves, as well as my expectations. Not particularly convenient format of powder and then need a little dance with a tambourine, but the grinding dust and the effect all surpass my most delicate powder: Chantecaille, Suqqu, Sensai. And she illuminates the skin!

An important part of makeup — mascara and tools for eyebrows, where without them. All is more than simple:

From left to right — Urban Decay Brow Tamer and Tom Ford Brow Sculptor:

Mascara Is Chanel Le Volume Revolution

There is love and hate. Love for a great volume of one stroke of the brush, and you can run for, saves a lot of time in the morning. But the infection and spread under the lower eyelid, as I wrote in the beginning. Will not buy again, but will dapolito with relative pleasure. Despite everything, she see best.

Urban Decay Brow Tamer Flexible Hold Tinted Brow Gel Taupe

Here, well-everything from colors and brushes to effect. The color itself is implicit, but it is fantastically true and delicately highlights your eyebrows. The product is absolutely worthy of repeat:

Tom Ford Brow Sculptor 02 Taupe

Wow, this is survivor. My pencil exactly 4 years. And I think another year it will be enough. Dry, solid, with a perfect balance of color. Not smear and lasts all day. Also worthy of replay!

One of the favorite all types of liners– pencil, liquid eyeliner… actually I have a lot of great, super funds. Those recent YSL eyeliner, cream eyeliner Shiseido and Suqqu, RMK incredible, amazing pencil Shu Uemura and By Terry, etc… But will show a direct the most-most:

From left to right: Shiseido Kajal InkArtist, Marc Jacobs FineLiner, Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof, Givenchy Liner Vinyl:

Shiseido Kajal InkArtist Birodo Green 06

A recent innovation has made such an impression on me with their color, their quality, their behavior, what not to show I could not well. Want another color.

Marc Jacobs Skinny FineLiner Ultra Gel Eye Crayon Blacquer (Berry)

Beautiful plum with a damp (!!!) finish and super-slim line. Resistant, perfectly draws all the shadows that I have. After 2.5 years of not even thinking of dry.

Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Long-Lasting Eyeliner 887 Charme

The novelty of this summer. That’s kind of nothing special. Not outstanding like the color, but at the same time be in demand. Especially well with the shadows-fives Chanel shown above.

Givenchy Liner Vinyl 7 Red Night Limited Edition

I’m not keen on the quality of Givenchy eyeliners — they’re thick and sticky. But the colors they have — the most-most. So this fall, the brand has released a fantastic Burgundy eyeliner. Dare I say, the only one in its kind

New hobby — lipstick, gloss, liquid lipstick and all kinds of lip products:

Left to right: glitter Chanel from the current Christmas, the new spring Three, limitka spring, Giorgio Armani (by the way, you have the post?) and limitka autumn Dior. Then for some reason completely releases and limidi this year. But in General, all fondant buy and were from this segment.

Chanel Rouge Coco Gloss Liquid Bronze 808

The first gloss from the brand (for some reason). Won its luster, imperceptible color, which is beautiful to play on pale and on tanned skin (second, I think, especially!). Not sticky and generally wonderful:

Three Lyrical Lip Bloom 05 Voice.

For a brand new product — matte lipstick with a living finish (in both wrapped). Actually, I notably went through Three this year, but at best I decided to include only the lipstick. A perfect balance of red and blue colors, ease of application, excellent behavior:

Giorgio Armani Ecstasy Lacquer 100

Milky white at the closing of the lips transformirovalsya in transparent wet (!) coverage. Has good body properties, and he with me on many walks around the city:

Dior Rouge Dior 784 Liquid Red Lava

That’s what I wanted to see instead of fondant misunderstandings fall Givenchy! Here and beautiful color, and the effect is metallic, and semi-gloss coating and a comfort of application and an excellent sock.

Something without which anywhere. Lucky:

This year I had a lot (well, compared to the previous three years) new products. But at best includes only classic, again, what hands reached out more often, sometimes even with repetition in a row. With the strength of all order, the full working week.

Chanel 635 Expression

Limitka autumn extra collection 2015. I was so in love with this color, that the stock take. First time in my life. Lacquer perfect in any situation — to work, to walk to the wedding.

Morgan Taylor Who Nose Rudolph?

Another one of my perfect red, tomato nail Polish. Don’t know what to say about him — love. Generally, creams have MT — perfect, like YSL (and I’m being serious).

383 Lancome Gris Sur Les Toits #383

Very beautiful taupe. Politically correct and appropriate always and everywhere. Humble, meek, charming (pictured without top):

Collistar 319 Moka

This last winter (one of the most beautiful collections not only Collistar, but in General!). Wine Magenta, another classic shade.

And I will conclude my overview of the super-2018 cans , perfume

I’m not parmaniac never, but things 2-3 a year novelties I have typed (although there are more, of course). This year I followed from Jo Malone (almost a mono-collection I) — 2 times. And one from Rouge Bunny Rouge.

Jo Malone Lime Basil&Mandarin is my favorite of the summer. Tart, fresh, prickly — perfect for the heat (which this year has blessed our wetlands)

Jo Malone Dark Amber&Ginger Lily I have in miniature. 4 years ago I met him in passing and was stunned. And then I forgot. This year she has decided to still post it for yourself thoroughly. Languid evening, just magical.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Arсadia — the scent of my autumn. I bought it myself on DR. Complex, rich, I find it hard to describe. But now, particularly, I would, but I scheduled the post. I have to say that when I breathe it in with the wrist, my eyes just closed.

For today!

The following stream — of resignation, the favorite in 2018. Stay tuned!

What you’ve had in the decorative favorites this year?

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