Best in 2018. Part 2: Babysitting

Whew, I made it finally to the second part of my review of the best cans for the past year. First about dekorativku, sprays and perfume I wrote here. Well, today Pro care. It turned out somehow very much. Although not surprisingly, I really have tried a lot, and decent money was very well, so the choice was difficult. Here priplyusuet the change of seasons, which have their own favorites. But I tried to choose right here is the best of ze best, that is, when you look at the mountain of cans, and hand right away to him there.


Hair care will be divided into basic care and cleaning and permanent funds:

1.Basic care:

Brand Charles Wortington swept across the. and they are generally few people interested. And I tested the three lines suddenly fell in love with strength & Repair. Excellent foaming shampoo (Hello SLS composition), hair rinses and dries them. Most hooked in it that hair in decent pure remain for up to three days, although usually 1.5-2 days. Air conditioning additionally nourishes, softens and moisturizes the hair. Overall, a great combination that I came up, and I’d rather just ask it again.

Hair mask Too Cool For School Egg Remedy Hair Rascal so the result is weighted, hair elastic, smooth, shiny, flowy and just beautiful. Honestly? I love it! If you have porous, curly hair, use it boldly as I — almost the entire length from the roots, and you will be happy. To go too far with her unrealistic.

2.Indelible means:

Wanted to take only Japanese Peche Peau, but then I remembered that to the other two funds hand stretched very often, I decided to mix things up a bit.

Oil Nyce Beauty Flash 5 Flash Instant Golden Oil I have a year and a half, and as I admired them in the beginning and continue to do it until now. It does not weigh down and completely dry hair. They get a beautiful Shine (and on my brown hair it is a priori not visible) and soft to the touch so that I don’t remember them for a long time and constantly touch them))

Peche Peau Hair Treatment. After meeting with some of their serums I was impressed so much that decided to order and hair. The first thing I wondered after I unpacked the parcel, it’s volume is half a liter of happiness. The second wild concentration of funds, and therefore its economy. Here a year as I use it, but the review is still not written, plan to soon, but for now I will say this: even if you are running the washcloth on the head or hair-wire, this tool with 1 application will make them alive and beautiful!

Newgen Xeno Miracle Overnight Cream night cream, them I use, after washing the hair for the night. The next morning the hair soft, smooth, silky, lively. You want to touch them or out of their fingers. Quite a rich creamy texture that does not weigh down the hair.


Cleansing of the body I have described only devices. I have tried all sorts of scrubs and shower gels, and Soaps. And if the latter particularly are not left in memory any special impressions, scrubs, the situation is more interesting. There were a few decent creamy (well, the usual scrubs), but devices have eclipsed them by 1000%.

Silk glove for body exfoliation crisp crepe to restore the elasticity and skin tone , I first tried 3 years ago and still adore it, I am not afraid of this word. After the first use I was in a euphoric seizure a few days (I use the mitten once a week-10 days). The skin is tender, smooth, she is not afraid of the cold, warming, dry indoor air and other pleasures. Already after the third application I decided not to use the lotion for the body, and you know the difference I noticed! She works alone, she doesn’t need cosmetic scrubs.

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Bamboo brush Riche. In fact, it aims to fight against cellulite, but how does it exfoliate the skin! And if silk glove I love, it is here at ecstasy. A side effect of the brushes is not only smart skin, but still it is sooo smooth, I think I did not have even in infancy)))

To moisturize the body, of course, is also necessary. Here I am not a fan, but 2 means still especially fond of me last year:

Stenders Body Yogurt Blackcurrant. Black currant from Stenders I know firsthand, and this fragrance is just wonderful. Bright, fresh, togravus. I often neglect to care for the skin, due to the fact that a very small part of my body needs it (usually legs from the feet to the knee and it was winter). Plus I love the texture of the milk. In Stenders Body Blackcurrant Yogurt all combined in the best manner. Bright aroma of black currant sounds the whole bathroom, light texture that glides on what else you have to think of the dark winter evenings? Yogurt gently glides on the skin and is absorbed though and long, but without the rest, and did skin care. With him it is soft, silky, and very fragrant.

Grown Alchemist Body Treatment Oil. Ylang Ylang, Tamanu & Omega 7. It really looks like oil, not silicone like him. It is very tactilely comfortable and the leather is like butter, leaving my least favorite films. It is absorbed and a very good moisturizes the skin. I 99% of the time only use on feet, especially in winter suffer from Shin as I already wrote, and the oil is very quickly heal dry skin.


Well… Now let’s face wash:

Then direct all banks and super require repeated repetition (some, however, more than once repeated, and it can last indefinitely.

Glamglow Instamud 60-seconds Pore-Refining Treatment fire! After it, the pores become less visible, smoother. But the most important is the appearance of the skin. It becomes so smooth, polished and shining, which I had previously not seen. Although I thought that the sleek form she obtained after powder Sensai (many have tried, you know this effect). In the case of Glamglow Instamud 60-seconds Pore-Refining Treatment, the result is stronger can without photoshop to appear in magazines on the subject of beauty))

Well, I then go to the Kanebo Sensai Silky Peeling Powder. First tried in 2011, but never parted, repeating from time to time. After I tried the peel, I realized that the usual scrubs I have nothing. Despite the fact that it’s kind of like soap, it is very gentle, personally I do not dry the skin, but at the same time perfectly smoothes the relief, the black dots become less visible, pores are narrowed, all seluchenko disappear somewhere. With regular use keeps your skin very beautiful and clean. Mask Glasglow has on me wow effect, but I don’t dare to use it often.

Kiehl’s Acne Blemish Control Daily Skin Clearing Treatment. This tool is my favorite for about 5 years. This tube is probably third. Consumed me slowly but surely. Able at night to solve the problem with the “imperfections” — a pimple, redness, enlarged pores, and blackheads are all for rent only for one night. There is one — but it was removed from production, and that suggested to replace — absolutely not and it is not working as it should. First, a new tool — point and aim a bit to the other problems while the Acne Blemish Control Daily Skin Clearing Treatment works in the complex.

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Laboratorium Ubtan #1. Peeling absolutely does not scratch the skin very delicate, but effective. Perfect for daily exfoliation, if you are a use. I — Yes, so scrub almost instantly won a place in my favorites. Delicately cleans the skin from dead cells, allowing them to breathe a new, slightly evens out skin tone and moisturizes a bit.

About Double Dare OMG Jet Super Hydrating Skin Care Oil Cleanser to Foam Jet I recently wrote and again, this is a great tool to cleanse the skin, and 2 to 1, that is it will remove the makeup immediately and wash. Very high quality, as a whole, even mascara.


Facials will be divided into 2 parts. Be told, I love Asian care (from Korea to Japan, from the middle of the segment and slightly higher, they are equally well kept my skin in excellent condition). But not without the familiar Russian buyer brands in Europe, America, Australia. Europe and Asia I alternate, never combining with one another, i.e. it is either that or something from the tonic to the mask.


GlamGlow Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment. If you have dry, dehydrated skin, GlamGlow Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment just for you. To restore skin tone, remove dry lines, smooth out skin, it’s all for her. In the winter cold it is a perfect assistant for maintaining skin beauty. For long term use (especially if at night) it is able to give not just a supporting effect and good tidy tired skin.

IS Clinical Reparative Moisture Emulsion. Her skin is soft, smooth and even. Smooths the pores and just leave the slightest redness. Various extracts have a beneficial effect on the skin, skin tone great lines, after winter is especially noticeable. Transformed appearance. I read someone that the skin with the emulsion strongly shines, but the moment with me not working, my skin is like drinking it and the result just looks hydrated with a healthy glow.

Gigi Ester C Night Renewal Cream. The next morning I Wake up like I slept for 12 hours, slept in the fresh air, somewhere at the resort, and before that did that did yoga Yes, I ate vegetables and fruits, but not all that)) I had that once with night cream Jurlique herbal. I’m not complaining at all on my skin, but still love tool in vitamins and acids, and occasionally spoil her a sort of cocktail. And after this divine course of skin become more beautiful pores narrowed as much as possible, the complexion cleared (anyone remembers, I have freckles, and that even now, in winter, it is distinguishable spots, but leaving the tone became more uniform.

Clinique Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly. Tried for the first time in early autumn, when a few days went into the woods for a few days, taking a washroom, toothbrush and the gel. Was surprised when went out with vibrant, beautiful skin with narrow pores and clean, with a good level of moisture. In warm time of the year is ideal for maintaining the current condition of the skin. In the winter, I admit, avoiding such textures, for the red and watery gels is not the best neighbors. The time from April to October is the ideal. What does? Smoothes out the pores. Very, very good. Moisturizes perfectly. All. And it’s great. No need to wait and require something supernatural.


There are modest — 2 most favorite brand from Korea and Japan. Oops, the favorite from Japan 2 — Kanebo and Sensai.

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Have The Skin House have tried many lines, and I admit, I like Marine, but in 2018 I had a few funds from the Fresh Aloe, so I write about it. The Skin House Aloe Fresh Serum. Eif you don’t have SOS means, it offers. A light, gentle, absorbs quickly. In good condition doesn’t require after themselves the emulsion (look at the condition of the skin. Moisturizes and maintains it in this condition.

Kanebo Moisture Lotion Flow. Prepares the skin for subsequent care, soothes and slightly nourishes it. I took the easy option, there are still marked Rich. Absorbs quickly, no more than a couple minutes. Especially fast after peeling, then the skin literally sucks it up. Becomes smooth, fresh, slightly moist. Sometimes when I’m home, I use the lotion does a solo, not dry, no problems.

Kanebo Bouncing Rich Emulsion. Which gives good moisture to my skin. Save dehydrated, just smooth out dry lines and wrinkles. Profound — no, they emulsion is weak, but it’s not worth the wait. Good hydration is Yes. Not afraid to loudly say about year-round, with March to October the Duo will be especially gorgeous without additional funds. Right now I use this trio, and here the three of them to me now too much, the skin is more than saturated. They finally ended and I few days as the beginning of a new Asian banks, I think, in the near future, talk about them.


Last but not least, other ancillary pieces. I use them from time to time, but constantly, and I can’t get enough.

Hand creams Crabtree&Evelyn are my favourite. 99% I buy them. In a variety of flavors, editions, and collections. Always in the amount of 25gr. They are nutritious, well-nourished, not too oily and not too light. Not sticky. For me the best option in the heat and in the cold.

In General, the steep remedy for swelling under the eyes is a serum C Eye Serum Advance by Is Clinical (and especially the effects from it))) ), but Phyto-C Eye Return Gel takes second place. Instant (almost) effect — after 30 minutes the eyes look more open, the swelling reduced. Prolonged effect two. First — good hydration. Second — I never believed it, but I think my dark circles have become lighter. Not exactly so. I used to use a very dense concealer or light, but with a fairly high pigmentation. And now I have enough pen-highlighter.

About Foreo Iris video I recently wrote here, but briefly — with him, the look becomes easier, the tension disappears. The device is “open” look. The eyes and the area around it becomes so easy, it’s like they’re slightly open and feeling much more relaxed. Over time the massage helps to accelerate lymph flow, causing swelling weakens. I noticed it immediately, but after 2-3 weeks. I use in addition to the main dry eye decongestant serum (the last 10 years exactly), and now with the use of IRIS I had to resort to using them much less frequently.

With balm , Pure Paw Paw met at the end of last year, but fell in love right away. Not pokrivlyu soul, if I say it’s the best thing for lips. Restore even the most weird cover in a matter of minutes. The rest of the time just fine caring for the lips. However, the amount of eternal — 25gr. Snooze worthy, but it is not known when it will end))

Those were favorite banks in the past year. What have you been involved with?

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