Best two tone Lancome accompanied me on the most striking events of 2018

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I was never the owner of perfect skin, but always sought it. Many years later I tried and searched for the best creams for yourself and realized that makeup can not only mask the flaws, but also to protect from the sun, to be comfortable and most importantly durable! And exactly these properties has Lancome Teint Miracle spf 15 and Lancome Teint Idole ultra wear spf 15. So decorative for me is more than a way of transformation. To the best funds I have a desire to assemble a collection and just enjoy them visually!

Lancome Teint Miracle spf 15 fluid Foundation promises to give a natural glow! Has an average density, promises to moisturize and treat skin.

Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear concealer spf 15 promises to hide imperfections, while leaving a comfortable feeling skin. 24 hours durability and grooming with a matte finish.


If you did not look mean absolutely two identical embellishments. The bottles are made in the same style stamp. The only difference is that Teint idole ultra wear has frosted glass, alluding to the fact that the finish is matte and velvety.

But Lancome Teint Miracle has a glossy glass, through which you can see the consistency of cream! Take a look! The fluid is not uniform color across the surface are the white flashes, it looks pretty unusual but attractive!

Both shades I have in 03 Beige diaphane loose the shade. I fairly dark-skinned and despite the fact that the tone perfectly adapts to my skin tone, I did not dare to buy the tools lighter.

Absolutely cannot see differences between shades. Also given the fact that one remedy is a Foundation ( teint idole ultra wear ), and a second medium ( a fluid, a lighter and liquid ), almost the difference in the textures of the elusive and the tangible.

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My hands are lighter than the rest of the body.

My face without makeup.

The main disadvantages is uneven complexion ( freckles, pigmentation, redness and enlarged pores ).

Face Teint miracle 03

The result after applying the fluid Teint Miracle spf 15. Skin tone became almost homogeneous, visually gone, the redness and freckles are no longer so bright. Does not emphasize pores, even now, when skin is dry and slightly weathered!

The image as a whole.

The tone is light, it is absolutely not noticeable on the face, and most importantly for me — proof! I wore it in the summer and wear now and can confidently say that the durability is great! Plus, the tone is not oxidized even on my combination skin, in the evening slightly can Shine the forehead.

Lancome Teint ultra wear spf 15

Cream Foundation promises a matte finish. Do it on the skin looks a bit different. The leather has a velvet finish, but only the first couple of hours.

However, after some time, the tone sits and the skin looks as usual, the tone is not crawls. Face is fresh, but the same radiant finish like Teint Miracle, and I’m much more satisfied!

Resistance high! All day I’m not correcting makeup! With wear idole ultra I had to go to the beach and work in the heat, and the tone is still there.

I love both of Foundation, because in practice I do not feel significant difference in your feelings and visual perception!

Both have spf 15,

both tones noticeable on the face,

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not oxidized, does not accentuate peeling, shades of the identical adapt to my skin tone, does not clog pores and is even out the skin tone!

But intuitively, I leave Teint Miracle for spring/summer, as it is stated as a fluid, but the Teint Idole Ultra wear wear now, as it is stated as a concealer! But this is only on a subconscious level, otherwise I would have used it W my eyes closed, not knowing who is who!

Manufacturer: France ????????

The volume of each: 30 ml

Price each: 2500 rubles with the discount

Teint Miracle Rating: 5!

Assessment Teint Idole Ultra Wear: 5!

I love Lancome makeup, I have Teint Miracle stick and cushion, which I will discuss sometime! And now use liquid foundations and I advise you to look at you!

If anything, I’m Xenia, I hope to me it was interesting!

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