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Good snowy evening! I want you to meet a very controversial, but a beautiful highlighter)

A very well-known brand with a somewhat Gothic design. Appeared in Russia not so long ago, but has earned the love of many.

A very large powder compact in box, no clear edges and sharp corners. A good mirror to the lid. Snaps securely, but is easy to open, the nails are intact. Without brushes and sponge. Weight 7 g, flavor is not. In the open form is reminiscent of the throne) is Convex, velvety powder.

The funny thing is that the appearance of powder on the skin did not tally with each other) the photo shows that the powder cold icy shade of blue mold even, the skin is still very different.

Feel — fabulous. Baked, but soft velour texture, easy to type on the finger or brush. Maybe a little dusting. Polynomials into the skin, leaving a mirror Shine.

Excuse me, the powder is very photogenic)

At first I thought about beige OMG but favorite is Mary Lou, and they are very similar. Therefore the choice fell on a very unusual hue of the Deity. This combination is very light gold with a hint of green. All together, like the glitter of a gold fish. Even in winter it doesn’t look unusual.

In the sun:

Like any highlighter can be used to identify pores and wrinkles, but on the other hand is all only visible if you look at the macro, the rest — on the contrary, the mirror smoothing the skin.

Highlighter is not delicate. Shine gives a metallic and pronounced) looks fantastic as accents on the eyes, especially in the evening.

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Official video hue Deity:

Rating: 5 –

Price: 3800 rubles. before discounts, but with the Black Friday 1950 RUB.

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