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I decided the first post in 2019 to meet the. powder-highlighter (more illuminating) Beyond Powder in shade Deity from the British brand illamasqua. It seems to me, is very symbolic as to see and to celebrate the year with products that are the personification of radiance, brilliance and brightness.

So, what constitutes this product in theory and in practice?

Highlighter is made in the Gothic (?) style – black. Hard plastic and quite light, has a glossy surface, which keeps fingerprints on itself.

No scratches, scuffs on the case does not appear, the letters are not erased and are kept as nailed – so that the appearance is still the same as on the first day of purchase. The mechanism for opening the lid very tight and uncomfortable – difficulty opening remained even after a month of use. It is easier and closes with a distinctive click. Cover opens full 180 degrees, calm and easy to be fixed on the familiar and comfortable 90 degrees.

Inside there is a good mirror that can easily become the base in the purse. Brush not included. The amount of 7 grams, however, the talc in the composition is missing, the production – Italy.

Highlighter has baked and rather dry texture, it is tightly compacted, but may be dust — not much of course, but the case gets dirty. Very easy to blend, great falls, on both dry and creamy texture, does not crumble when applied, does not constitute the transition boundary and pulls the makeup underneath.

I really like that it’s impossible to overdo it and wreck the make – up- highlighter gives a moderate glow, which looks adequately even in the daytime makeup. It is possible to layer and create a more active and wet Shine look will be bright, but not fancy.

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Shade Deity

is ukrany shade, which refile in life is different – in refile he seems cold pearl with green tints, and in the life of the shade looks a little Golden and green.

shade Deity. Day swedenintouch Deity. Flash.

If before purchasing have tested this particular shade, then the purchase would not have made, because these shades are not mine. The shade is composed of numerous and beautiful, flat and weightless glittering particles that make-up does not appear in the form of glitter.

shade Deity. Daylight.shade Deity. Flash.

The shade is very pigmented, but again, overdo it and mess up the makeup with it will not work. The line represented 6 shades:


The highlighter can easily wear on a daily basis with a day makeup with the translucent base, it does not look like something foreign and strange on his face.

Green hue may appear, but only if properly layering color (in the corners of the eyes added a couple of layers). Shade may be layered from a subtle glow to an active and more visible, like italiamia his every touch of the brush, creating a smooth and moist finish. Can be used as a substrate, placing of accents, the highlighter is in General a continuous flight of imagination.

Highlighter emphasizes the texture and skin texture, lasts all day, not lubricated, not eaten, not into a single sequin.


Illuminating powder Powder Beyond the color on Deity I generally liked it, because it perfectly fits and keeps the makeup, not Petit, it arrived, it is impossible to overdo it and spoil the makeup. I just do not like the dry texture of the highlighter, and the opening mechanism of the case that you can’t open the first time, I was very disappointed. I don’t remember the last time I had issues with the mechanics of the products.

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Overall, expectations towards the product were clearly too high and buying a little regret, but fortunately though I bought at 50% discount. And what about the shade of Deity, Recalling the slogan of the brand illamasqua, perhaps, this shade is more advantageous to look my Alter — Ego, you never know…

Term of use: about a month;

Price: 1 950 rubles with the discount, the full price of 3 800 rubles.

Rating: 7/10.

Thank you for your attention ????

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