Big trouble in little China: budget brushes – Yes or no?

Is it possible to find good brushes on a Chinese website? Expectation and reality – under the cut.

Wanted to order a set of Chinese brushes: I’m not professionally doing makeup to buy tools for five thousand rubles, and the less they are rare. Of course, I have some cheap brushes from Essence (good) and other brands (not really, Just particularly bad), but they look zaznobina – and I like order.

So I went on a famous Chinese site, took a long walk on the proposals, and finally saw THEM: with bamboo handles, beautiful pattern and fastening rose gold-tone. 12 brushes, the seller asked for a little more than ten dollars, and the reviews were one better than the other. I took a chance.

Brushes came quickly the first of all the bulk order on the website. Packaged neatly, each in individual plastic packaging, large hands – in the et.

A little wrinkled piece of paper with explanations.

I was afraid that in reality, the brush will look cheap after all, design is not the most concise. But nothing like unreal quality, a heavy, tightly stuffed, great painting, not popped or hairs. To be honest, I just didn’t expect – see, so impressed, I decided to write a post.

Do bamboo handles, each is the brand name Anmor, which I’ve never heard of.

Embossed logo on the fastening.


Full brush tight, I have no complaints. Very soft.

Powder brush isDuovir

Now let’s all view. First group photo:

And now individually. Powder brush:


Tightly Packed, soft, perfectly distributes the powder. This is my first long powder brush (there were only a Kabuki) and I’m very happy.

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Blush brush:


Similar to powder, but beveled. How long have I dreamed about it! I have a brush for blush, but is one worse than the other: spiny, loose, nothing they will not shade, but to put a spot – easily. Finally, it is possible to throw them away.

Brush contouring:


I have yet to cream products for contouring, and it seems to me, is for such. But and powdery sculptor from Estrade restorefile to cheer. Great!



That’s about bofire I dreamed long ago, but they are all somehow very much. The fact that I put the tone always sponge, and I was curious to try the brush. The coating I like light, weightless, translucent and Dwapara me excellent help. It arrived which is very important.

All large brush over, turn the kids. The main thing to me not to get lost in the photos.

Concealer brush:


Like using, already brush all the concealer. Comfortable, soft, not thin, well-shaded.

Small concealer brush:


Don’t really understand why she is honestly my faults this child will have a hard time to block. But, probably, somewhere use.

Lip brush:


Rarely use it, but nice to have in the household good: all that was before I was not quality, and because of erect hairs had to throw them away.

Brush highlighter:


It seems to me small for the stated purpose, but we must try. While hands did not reach, but it’s nice to have a special brush – I always apply the highlighter with your hands or a brush for shadows.

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Eyebrow brush:


Usual angled brush, nothing special. Rather thin and pleasant – view, will not do so. While behaves well.

Restorefont brush-blender:


Well shaded, dense, soft. I love these brushes: if the rest I rather not, then rastushevok brushes for several pieces. This is the best.

Brush-a small torch:


I use it as rastushevok the lower eyelid. But not often, usually going through one rastushevok all the dark shadows from one light.

And ordinary brush for applying eye shadow:


With such brushes the demand is low, so that about the faults to speak of.

I have several times used a brush and washed it, not got no hair. It seems to me that over time, the white tips of dark, washed they are not willing to – but, maybe I am a bad my.

Sum up: brush – ideal. I have some problem with the way the set I would chose not a second concealer brush, a brush for eyebrows; plus a noticeably lacks conventional brushes for fluid colours. But bachili eyes I saw what I take, so I think it’s a conscious decision.

The second shortcoming I see in them (he and dignity, depending on how you assess) is the design: it will be impossible to buy a brush, so they looked out of sync.

But all this is trivial and minor compared with the ratio price-quality.

Term of use: two weeks.

Rating: 5+++

Price: 830 roubles.

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