Biologique Recherche announces sales growth in the premium sector of the market of Brazil

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Premium cosmetics and professional beauty treatments from Biologique Recherche in new ways began to conquer the Brazilian market. Thierry Mabbu, the representative brand, which is a market expert who has worked on it for 20 years, confirms the growing interest of Brazilian consumers for high-quality cosmetics from France.

A family company Biologique Recherche, created by Dr. Philip Alush and specializing in the treatment of the skin for 40 years, has long been developing its expertise in the field of facial, body and hair products containing a high concentration of active substances. In addition, the brand is distinguished by its special three-phase action of the cosmetics.

The brand started its revival in Brazil two years ago under the leadership of Thierry Mabbu, who took responsibility for its distribution, initially targeting high-end Spa hotels, and then on dermatologists and high-end hairdressing and beauty salons.

“We have been working with ten partners in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and the South of the country started about twenty projects, says Thierry Mabbu. Premium cosmetics are very popular in Brazil, like several other segments of the beauty industry, for example, cosmetics for care of hair. Biologique Recherche is in a very good position in the market”. In particular, the brand has developed a Protocol for the care of the hair after stay on the beach, which involves the use of special cosmetics, which includes at least 20% active ingredients.

This extension of the range of products meets the expectations of a certain category of consumers. Mister Mabbu believes that it is also associated with the market transformation caused by the rapid development of the Internet. “Today, women can communicate with each other worldwide. They are better informed about what is happening in a particular sector of the beauty industry and also can get information about cosmetics that are sold in other countries. And women customers in Brazil want the same resources. The Internet breaks down many barriers to access makeup in such a large country,” he explains.

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