Biomedical engineering relevant to the beauty industry


Bio-engineer who decided to expand their area of operation in the beauty industry, launches its new product for skin care products at the largest industry event in the world capital of fashion – Paris.

Dr. David Heath is the prototype of a device that determines how many cosmetic products you must use, based on the analysis of the condition of their skin.

At the time Mr. Heath has identified a gap in the market of cosmetic products and devices designed for gadgets that work with apps. As a result, he founded his own company – Cutitronics.

With the advent of wearable devices, for example, bracelets Fitbit, significantly increased the demand for personalized medical devices. In turn, Dr. Heath has developed its product CutiTron, studying at the University of Strathclyde how drugs are delivered through the skin.

In one of the shows on BBC Radio, Mr Heath said: “I spoke at a conference on skin care, which I thought was more to do with medicine, but it turned out that my development is more about cosmetics. Realizing the size of the cosmetic industry, I am very surprised. I happened to run into some problems that have arisen in the beauty industry, but, as I understand it, manufacturers are trying to solve these issues with the help of chemistry. They do not take into account the potential, which is the engineering of devices and digital technologies”.

Dr. Heath stated that his device controls the hydration of the skin of the user, and then uses information such as their location and temperature, to recommend the right amount of cosmetic product to use. According to him, the device can be adapted to any brand and give advice to clients, whether at home or lying on the beach.

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Cutitronics has already received investments from chemical giant Croda International. The prototype will be demonstrated at the international exhibition In-Cosmetics in Paris. Dr. Heath also notes that his own attitude towards skin care has changed completely after learning a level of mathematics which is used to develop new products for the industry. “One of the questions where I really had to find my confidence during the transition into the cosmetic industry, was to understand how it’s based on science, and how much on marketing. I’m pretty cynical scientist, I regularly say”.

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