Biotechnology has allowed to allocate from clay valuable ingredient

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The latest biotech ingredient from Lubrizol Life Science-Beauty (Beauty LLS) obtained from sustainable sources, is actually an ancient, or at least similar to it. The company released Uniclay extract obtained from a microorganism selected in clay, the purpose of which is to simulate the positive effects of the clay mask on the skin.

Extract developed by Lipotec’s Active Ingredients, designed to provide a more clean, smooth and healthy skin, which used clay since time immemorial. According to the company, the ingredient mimics many of the beneficial properties of clay, including improved cell metabolism, reduced oxidative stress and inflammation.

“Beauty LLS welcome the opportunity to benefit from treatment with clay, for consumers, environmentally conscious, sustainable way, – said Elena Canadas, Director of global marketing for LLS Beauty. – With the growing trend in the field of pure beauty and consumers of all nationalities who are looking for simple ways to improve your health, biotech ingredient Uniclay is an ideal choice to achieve these goals.”

This ingredient is an environmentally safe mined near wetlands in Catalonia, Spain. It is characterized by many advantages, found in both natural and laboratory conditions. In the application in real conditions observed a decrease in red spots on 6.6% after 28 days of drug treatment that contains 2% active ingredient. After 14 days, the cream containing 3% Uniclay, increased by 9.5% and 13.5%, respectively, smoothness and softness to the skin. He also reduced the investigation of porphyria, disorders of pigment metabolism in the skin, 50.7%.

The third clinical exam was designed so that participants answered questions about their appearance, standing in front of the mirror at the beginning and at the end of the study. The answers were evaluated by the intensity and tone of voice that showed levels of stress concerning their appearance and the words used to describe their appearance. Compared with the results of the use of reference clay masks improve the health and self-image was the same when using a biotechnological ingredient Uniclay. Based on these studies, this ingredient is suggested for creams for skin care face and body that improve not only skin, but also health and self-perception environmentally friendly way.

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