Biotherm Aquasourse Total Eye Revitalizer eye Cream

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This cream I have for a long time (more than a year for sure), but it never occurred to him.

The cream was purchased in store.

Cardboard box, inside a glass jar with a plastic lid. Under the hood the plastic membrane and greenish cream with a cucumber-fresh scent. Quite a “male” I must say that I particularly like.

In the various “sea elements” cream announced moisturizing for people with dry and sensitive skin of the eyelids wearing lenses.

The consistency is gel-like, pleasant greenish color and pinkish microchimerism. Quickly absorbed, the eyelashes and eyelids does not stick.

Gives good hydration — good enough for me. However problems I have — lack of sleep maybe. Since then, she started to use the cream regularly, the characteristic of the fatigue symptoms are gone. With more serious problems, I suspect, could not cope, yet he is easy enough. The summer was perfect, in the winter you will need something more serious.

Consumption is quite small. Bought very infrequently, with 14.08 daily. During this time, took about half the jar. The composition is not preserved — threw out the packaging to reduce the volume. I repeat it? And, perhaps, Yes.

The composition can be viewed here.

Cost: $20

Volume: 15 ml.

Use: 14.08. regularly informed as necessary.

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