Black caviar, Natura Siberica Night cream-concentrate from the first signs of aging from the Caviar Collagen

You often indulge yourself with caviar?

Natura Siberica calling itself the first Russian brand of quality organic cosmetics, offers us pamper your face cream with caviar extract and promises to reduce the depth of wrinkles by up to 52%! Prepare a Cup of coffee will be photos, lots of text and even plate.

The cream is in a cardboard box”coffin” (pardon the comparison, but it better reflects reality), the box was sealed in mica. Cardboard dense, high-quality, embossed. The packaging of cream solid glossy plastic with pump-dispenser.

Inside was a small advertising insert with a description of the main active ingredients.

All basic information on the cardboard packaging, the tube of cream the bare minimum.

Packaging and design I really like — everything is so simple, stylish and flawless, the only black and only silver-white lettering.

My inner aesthete gets pleasure from such beauty! (I have now the second wave of black Hobbies — below are photos of some representatives from my collection)

Tube with a pump dispenser is the ideal packaging because it doesn’t need to go anywhere with your fingers, the contact of the contents with air is minimized easy daily dosing of the same amount to use. Fingerprints is not a problem and easy to wash! The only comment I can not see the flow and how much is left of the product in the package, and it is not much — a total of 30 ml, and the period of use after opening is 12 months.

Let’s look at the major promises of the manufacturer and product description:

Here are the main active substances:

And of course the promised result and method of administration:

Agree, very tempting promises “the doctor ordered”!

And here is the full composition in the INCIis:

Usually I always pay attention to the first 10 ingredients, because they are more in the composition, and the ingredients are listed in descending order of substances. Here I will give you a transcript of the first 13 components, because only the 14th start extracts and derivatives of oils.

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The first three leaders — water, glycerin and Dimethicone, the “classic three”, without innovation. Unpleasant surprises so much “siliconate” ingredients in the top of the list, and hyaluronic acid only in 12th place. Sad. The same caviar at the 17th place.

Will add a few words about the calfwhich I love to add in their elite line, a cosmetic brand from La Prairie (Switzerland) to Mirra Lux (Russia). Caviar extract is really a unique component that is due to the activation in the skin of process of formation of collagen and elastin, improve nutrition of the cells prevents the appearance of wrinkles and improves micro-relief of the epidermis. Naturally, the eggs falls into the jar, the recovery of the extract and the preservation of its properties is a commercial secret of each manufacturer. Methods of processing of black caviar almost lay it out on the molecules, which are then in different percentages and enter into the composition’s skin care.

Recommended method of application: apply in the evening on face, neck and decollete. Can be used alone or over the serum.

Let me show you, how looks this concentrate, for me personally he was able to surprise my appearance!

This is a very flowable liquid substance of gray color with black spots.

At first it seems that gives the skin a gray tint, but the impression is deceptive, in a moment all absorbed, black specks “disappear”.

Smell: there is and it reminds me of some men’s after shave gel, i.e. I would call it “unisex”. Quite stable after this test on the hand, I heard him until washing hands with soap and water.

Briefly about my skin: combination, with a pronounced inverted T-zone and dry parts, the first age, wrinkles and micro-wrinkles are and it’s my job to stop them spreading and deepening.

My impression is contradictory.

At first I wanted to get a means of “solo” to understand how it works: I apply it on cleansed face before bedtime. Face instantly absorbed it, I would say — mercilessly devoured, I used 3-4 full pressure of the pump at a time, and it seemed to me that and the same tools can be easily applied and absorbed everything. Instantly the skin looked velvety, well-groomed, smooth (touch and visual). In General, as you may have guessed, in the face of all the properties of a good primer! Indeed, the silicones in the composition is very harmonious, they are disclosed in full immediately — not clear why this is in the night? But after about an hour I was already beginning to feel tightness and dryness (well, someone could say that the lifting effect). I’ll try to describe you — imagine that you are abundantly caused thermal water on face and soaked the excess, and that the water itself was dryevaporated and face feeling dry and dull, especially in areas where the skin was drydehydrated. When washing in the morning — as if nothing, no stickiness, no film or greasy, ie the effect of a good primer is preserved throughout the night.

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I realized that it should not be, and the beginning of the next approach — along with the wild raspberries. Thanks. I remember that hyaluronic acid can “pull” the moisture from the deeper layers of the epidermis to nourish the upper layers of the skin with lack of moisture and because here it is, I decided that this process happens. So I thought, if the pre-concentrate, apply toner liberally and without waiting for his complete absorption, to “seal” his concentrate. Toner with oily and combination rose slightly corrected the situation.

Well, my third approach was with the use of a night cream / serum concentrate before (now I have the pharmacy line). This is probably the best option. I did try to pause between the means, to mix the compositions, because I do not know whether they are combined together. With this method the amount of concentrate is already a more moderate (2 full pressure) and the smell is less intense there is on the face.

During the use of comedogenic does not arise, the pores are not clogged. But it is worth noting that my skin is now in the normal state (thanks to the beautician and moderate exposure to the sun), besides, I not only thoroughly wash before applying the night means in the morning after them.

Effect: this concentrate is a unique addition to nightly care. Silicone components perform well visually align the face, makes it velvety, fills micro-wrinkles. All the useful ingredients are “pushed” into the background in the composition, and to feel their prolonged action, you probably need to use more than one package. But see how the tube fit perfectly to my black Pets, because you can not tell from import Suite!

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Thanks to this stylish package, the smell of “unisex” and not fat composition I would recommend this tool to men. Not least because men’s skin is more dense and “fat” are rarely susceptible to dehydration, they will not notice the nuances that you have noticed me.

To suit:
— oily and combination skin (but it is better not solo)
— a gift to the man (metrosexual?)
enthusiasts and collectors of stylish black packaging as another decoration shelves, cosmedicine fit very:
— dry and dehydrated skin
— those who follow the natural compounds and avoids silicontech funds
— if the skin reacts badly to silicones or comedogenic

Term of use: more than a month

Indicative price: from 900 to 1200 rubles for 30 ml

Rating: despite my great love for black rating less than “satisfactory”, but a-plus for style! 3 out of 5.

What are your impressions of Russian stamps and whether the recommendations of the working funds from Natura Siberica? Prompt, please, on what to pay attention to (if not in the black packaging).

Thanks for reading!


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