Black dots: pore cleansing. New use for old tools

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Let’s talk today about clean pores. If you also have oily or combination skin — go hug.????

For the overly squeamish: don’t you guys think here. Pass by and people do not spoil the mood of your Phi. We have gathered here for cultural communication, solving immediate problems and view photos with the results. Yes, a lot of photos that will shock the tender feelings.

Attention: I do not ask for advice and not asking for opinions on this, and just tell the story. Whether to believe in it and try whether your personal decision.

I will not address the subject of appearance of black points, because the reasons are different (ranging from incorrectly matched care and ending health problems) and solve highly individual. I’ll tell you about my case, but to dig deeper into details will not. My black spots are not associated with the care and poor cleansing. Cleaning at the beautician lead to results that do not suit me (inefficient, short effect). Of course, you may have a different experience, but back to my story.

I have to say, if your skin cannot tolerate the oil — don’t do it. Just don’t, believe me. Conventional oil to do it is not worth it, better to use a hydrophilic or a balm.

A small digression: I like to use conditioner because of its texture and due to the fact that it does not spread like butter (the empty jar is proof of that. love). You can choose any option, and any brand.

Before you can make an exfoliating scrub or mask is well attached. Or just take a shower/take a bath.

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On cleansed skin distribute a small amount of balm ( oil) and light massage are passed on problem areas: forehead, chin, cheeks and nose. The first three points I was a little worried, but the wings of the nose are often the cause of a bad mood. It is not necessary to stretch the skin and RUB the last time. Traffic should be light. You can use a silicone brush with small bristles.

So, massage is only some 20-30 minutes, so you can give up to devote time to his beloved. After 2-3 minutes the feeling of sand under your fingers. Meet the blackheads, leaving the pores like a sinking pirate ship. Continue the massage. In the end this feeling will increase several times, and after the procedure will have the feeling that lead on the nose with a feather. Leather will eventually become pink and super smooth. The effect of this lasts a month, but to prevent can do often, or to use this period of your favorite tools.

I advise you to take a picture before the procedure and preferably macro, since the normal photo from a close distance gives a completely different look (blatantly lying). Due to some peculiarities of my pores will never be colorless, but is empty and can be narrowed without problems.

Something like this:


During the procedure:

These small semi-transparent stuff is black dots.


Here is what comes out from the pores. Very small to take a picture is unreal.

This hand, if that. )




It was the first time.

For the second time.

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Budget. Effective. Just.

It is possible that the first time all the pores are cleansed, but at the second time 80% of the blackheads definitely leave the skin forever. If after this method you have inflammation, then continue not worth it and it just doesn’t suit you.

Like the method? Then be sure to tell me about the results. Separately will be pleased with the before and after photos.

Thank you all for your attention.

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