Black is such a happy color. Black lip gloss Nyx Butter Gloss Black Berry Pie and Estrade 106

Hi! Recently, I saw Nyx Black Berry Pie with a discount in a store and remembered that somewhere at home lying black glitter’, which I bought last winter. Tried Nyx, found Estrade and decided to show both products here.

Sponges. I prefer to use first and second.

Swatch. As you can see, Nyx where denser Estrade. I thought. that will do the trick in the style of “drive a little sparkle with a finger,” but no, all black everything. Driving glitter finger, you can achieve just the effect, “I greedily devoured the Shoe”. But the Shine Estrade more liquid and less sticky. And not like it was described!

On the Estrade enough sponge gloss Shine to lipstick completely. And here’s how it looks. Yes, in the folds, you notice the black pigment, but otherwise, it seems that view manufacturers wanted to create a product that will give the effect of a La Sky’s lips. Goes fast, will not stand even coffee. Leaves behind nothing but moisturized lips.

Rating: 5. Resistance from the glosses I do not require, and the effect I like.

Testing period: 3 months. In the spring of forgot about its existence.

Price: 120 rubles at the time of purchase.

Nyx. As I wrote, love it have it for what it is. No little bit here and can not be. Dense varnish. A viscous composition, a sweet aroma, the horror on wings of night. Glitter is not perfect, like a dark lip products. It will have to apply just like matte lipstick neatly. But the effect is interesting, given that I have in my entire life did not really have time to taste the products with a glossy effect and loved everything matte. Of course, glitter plesivec when applied and has a super smooth coating. But it gets better if you once close your lips. Going slower than the Estrade, but not completely. Either fix or remove. Coffee is going through, but leaves a less than pleasant feeling on the lips like a sticky film. It can stain teeth and can be lubricated.

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Rating: 3. It would be possible to forgive something for a specific tone, but no.

Period of testing: 3 times.

Cost: 250 rubles (promotional).

Both Shine even easily removed with a damp cloth. In the photos there is no other makeup. Maybe you should create a full image, especially with the last companion, but I am not ready yet.

Lip after removal of the gloss.

Where to wear? Estrade, at least in the office, at least for the matinee to the child. But do you need Nyx, think for yourself. I’m not afraid of similar products. All makeup looks different in real life, all sorts of crazy colors not the exception but the lips and eyes do not appear as in the detailed photos. I didn’t even notice the shimmer in the Estrade, not yet picked up a camera. And for me it becomes another opportunity to indulge in the pleasure of wearing something.

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