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Good day!

Today you will show and tell how to do black Smokey with glitter. In recent times I want dark eyes and bright. I hope the makeup you like. As always it is not difficult, it is important to work with clean brushes and have a good tulevat the shadows.

The eye makeup used Smashbox base, black pencil from Bourjois Khôl & Contour palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Eye Shadow Palette, shades: Noir, Cyprus umber, Rustic, Burnt Orange, Fairy. Also used liquid sequins from Stila Cosmetics Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow shade Kitten Karma, Dior.

Initially, we prepare the face: tone, concealer, powder, contour, blush — all as usual. Next, apply on a clean lid base for shadows, I have from Smashbox.

The first course is a black kajal pencil is not fixed, therefore, its use time is unlimited. Paint from the ciliary region is quite wide, pulling the tip of his ears. Do not have to draw exactly, as still shade.

Tochuu pencil fluffy brush, stretching to the temples.

The next step is fixed a pencil, dry rich black shadows, hue Noir, priklepyvayut movements flat brush.

Next, apply dark brown shadow Cyprus umber to the borders with a fluffy brush end of the black shade adds a lighter shade of Burnt Orange in the process of shading, in order to avoid abrupt transitions, leading to the temples.

only Cyprus umber on the borders of Chernogo the shading with Burnt Orange

The time has come of the lower eyelid.

Again we turn to a dark brown shade and apply a fluffy flat brush, connecting with the upper eyelid, and of course shaded shade Rustic.

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Now highlight the area of eyes a Golden hue Fairy, tusevima in the main eye makeup.

In principle it is already possible to stop, but I want to add the holiday and glitter, so we take the liquid from Stila glitter and paint on top, covering the entire area of the upper eyelid to a feathered border.

That’s all, makeup is very suitable for evening wear, bright, he will never go out of fashion, as Smokey is with us forever, especially black. Thanks for stopping by! Contact me on “you”.

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