Blender Defender – Beauty Blender Protective Case Cover for beauty Blender. New 2018

I Use A Beauty Blender? Then You are a cat!

Beauty blender is my favorite sponge, and the only one. Therefore, I use it every time when painted. This means that I need somewhere to clean after use plus need something to carry if I’m travelling or going somewhere for a few days.

I think everyone has thought about the issues of transport and storage of puff long before beauty Blender released the Blender Defender. I dreamed about the case to blender over the years, have searched on websites… even bought some coasters, boxes… but it was not that… And there he was — Blender Defender! I of course immediately have to and I’m thrilled.

Why the idea of the case for the Blender company came only in 2018 is a mystery, but I’m glad such a pretty case were in the range of the brand.

Please see my very good purchase, I think.

The case is a rubber egg, which you can adjust the height, if the blender is wet, then you can make the egg bigger, if not, the egg literally formed to the size of the blender.

Photo blender is a little wet, as you can see in this condition it occupies about half of the eggs. In the dry state will fully pink half of the case.

Made in China. I feel that now the Chinese “cheaper” to step up and catch up.

almost complex

In the folded state is very ergonomic, lots of space in the bag will not take. At home, I also put the blender in case, not to worry for his safety. Now in this case the blender is stored permanently 🙂 One caveat, try to clean away dust, dirt. In the locker, chest of drawers, you know… because the cover collects everything that is near him, sometimes I even think dust and dirt it attracts itself.

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Also, the case features a super-cute little holes in the shape Beautyblenderа that help dry the blender and prevent the formation of bacteria.

convenient ispolzovaniya dirty, not to put dirty the blender! Abort mission! You will hour to wash the cover.
collects dirt

A little about the beauty Blender.

Everything I now write is written at the office. the website and nothing came up.

Beauty-blender should be changed every three months.

With this statement I do not agree since I did mine. My blender 2 years and throw it yet, I do not plan to. As you can see it has a little damage, but while he lasts.

Beauty blender is available in different colors from black to turquoise. Not only to attract buyers (it certainly is), but for different means.

Used to be very popular tale that the black blender — only for professionals, if you are a professional, then you have to take the pink. Actually prefer black blender Pro, not to scare people. The black is not as scary footprints look tonalnikov, the concealers. I also took the black out of practicality.

Now the lineup includes pink and black (standard, sales constantly), turquoise (chill), blue (saphire).

Other blenders are divided by color that was not afraid to look at him then:

Pure — white blender, designed for sunscreen.

Blush — red blender that for blush

Glow — green blender intended for shimmers / highlighters

Nude — beige, makeup without makeup.

In my opinion, this cover is extremely convenient. I am very happy with the purchase and consider this case a must-havом if you use a blender.

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Price: $12

Rating: 4.5

Term of use — 3.5 weeks

How do you like this case? Do you plan to buy?

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