Blush (2) BOBBI BROWN Blush

Today I will continue my story about the shadows, but not MAC, and BOBBI BROWN Blush

In the line two types of blush: a matte and simmeria. The manufacturer naturally praises your product on the official website))))
Thanks to its silky texture, powdery blusher lies evenly on the skin and ensure a long-lasting matte finish.
These shades of blush Blush is exactly the same color of a natural blush.
Dial blush brush the Blush Brush (sold separately) and gently shake off the excess. Apply to the Central part of the cheeks and blend toward the hairline and downward for the most natural effect.
I have only one semernya, and the other matte blush.

The Shade Coral. Generally initially this shade highly praised Krygina, so I was his first and purchased. Has very fine Golden shimmer that is almost impossible to catch on the skin blush very tightly compacted, highly pigmented and tushuyutsya worse than the MAC. This applies to all instances of my collection. Compared to WT

This shade of nice refreshing my skin, has no fragrance and none of the blush from BB in the dust that he is a huge plus!
Here, you can catch the shimmer in this photo

Next is close to the shade Coral shade of Clementine, but from the frosted series

By the way, weight shimmery blush 4 grams, Matt 3.7 grams.
Compare Coral and Clementine

Perhaps a little silky, matte, pigmentation is off the charts, very durable, high-quality paint. But it’s easy to overdo it with the shade.

Every time I see another shade of Nude Pink, I mentally ask myself: why??? Why I bought this strange, not any I malopigmentirovannye shade?
See for yourself

Swatch on the hand with a finger many many layers when feathering to detect the site of application is impossible

Plus the thicker the blush visible which the grains and in these places the surface is salted. Would not recommend this blush I was disappointed. And I can’t even figure out what skin tone they would be played))))) on my light skin they are not visible at all!
The latest instance is the famous Apricot Krygina hi

Very beautiful shade, it gives a natural glow, is more tightly compacted than the previous instances, resistant to the victorious, the pigmentation is crazy! Blendable very good!

Here easy application at hand. Also has no notion of fragrances and not dusty, very economical instance.
The price of any on the official website 2600, except the pink ugliness nude pink, the rest is very good, I’d love to get a couple more shimmery copies. Thank you for your attention))))

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