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Hello! Today I want to share my opinion about the new blush Clarins Joli Blush. I bought the lightest shade in the line — soft pink 01 Cheeky Baby.

Manufacturer’s description: Blush easily adapted to any color of the skin and provide a totally natural result. Thanks to the formula enriched with vegetable oils, and a light, airy texture they give the skin a feeling of comfort. A persistent high concentration of pigments allows you to create a refreshing glow or sculpted face with just one hand movement.

I blush very beautiful packaging, reminiscent of cakes and macaroons, and the color of the lid repeats the color of the blush. The case is made of solid, not cheap plastic.

Inside the case is a very cute brush, which is separated from themselves blush a transparent plastic membrane. The semicircular brush cut (much like the brushes Chanel) and elastic fibers. The brush is suitable for blush, but I use it rarely, I prefer another. Also a plus is the fact that on the back of the lid there is a mirror.

The blush’s texture I really like — silky, soft satin finish, they are absolutely not dust, not salted, give good color. With a texture, they should last for a long time. And on the face they pose no chalky effect, they lie on the skin naturally. There are no shimmering particles, no mother of pearl on the face they do not shimmer at all and look completely natural.

Shade 01 Cheeky Baby is a very light, barely noticeable on the skin. What I like about him — he doesn’t like any blush and not marked, but there is an effect of its own healthy glow. A similar effect gives me also the palette for the face of YSL Shimmer Rush Face Palette from the spring collection 2019 (but she also has an inner glow effect).

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So if you have very fair skin and love the natural effect and a slight blush, then I recommend you this shade, if not, look for brighter shades.

In this photo, the blush applied with your finger and not feathered:

In this photo, the blush shade and become almost invisible, leaving only a hint of them:

Personally, I was satisfied with the purchase and believe that the new brand was a success!

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