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About these blush is already so much told and retold, so many swatches and make-up shown are not afraid to Express the idea that they already have a household name in the beauty sector and is firmly entrenched in its history. So if you pass by my post about the Nars blush in the shade Orgasm, I understand, and forgive. Who wonder to see me after an Orgasm – welcome.

So long I’ve been dancing around this shade, and at some point, the curiosity still prevailed, since he did not try, never know the phenomenon of shade and a business card of the brand Nars. Blush is located in a black cardboard box, inside of which was another protection in the form of a cardboard liner that was carefully hidden box.

The case is made of soft and rubberized matte plastic, very pleasant to the touch, but very impractical – keeps fingerprints, there are stains, so the appearance after a couple of days is suzannem and careless. Hidden inside a convenient mirror that leans on incomplete 180 degrees, recorded at the same time without problems. The lid opens easily, closes with a distinctive click. Weight 4.8 g, talc in the composition in the first place.

Themselves blush have soft, smooth and dry texture, they are very tightly compacted and have a smaller particle not dust and do not crumble during application. I really like that they are simple and easy to blend – there’s no way to put the stain and spoil the makeup, but, in any case, before applying, I always shake the excess from the brush.

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Blush perfectly “sit” and keep the makeup – they don’t pull a tone that does not emphasize texture and skin texture, without creating the transition boundary and bright stripes. They lay down a thin, even layer, whose density can be varied by overlaying product.

Orgasm is a warm pink shade with fine Golden shimmer. At the first impression it seemed to me that in revile, swatches and makeup is three different shades. In refile shade gives a warm coral notes,

on swatches already breaks the Golden glow,

and the makeup is a light pink shade, lending in seconds relaxed, refreshed and illuminated appearance, with delicate Golden particles.


For even greater clarity, I propose to look at “before” / “after”.


As described above, blush is beautifully layered, but even a small amount is enough to transform the makeup and give it naturalness, and naturalness, so to overdo it and mess up the makeup with this shade is very, very difficult. Keep blush all day, they are not lubricated, not eaten, Golden overflow in a separate sequins do not turn – they can also be worn as shadows — it looks very decent.



Nars Orgasm – just a universal shade that will suit most girls, and in any season will look very appropriate. I like the blush go and rush in makeup, they seem to merge with the skin, creating a natural surface and causing skin to glow from within.

However, the hand won’t stretch to them – I still closer shades that do not contain shimmer, even such delicate and neat. Maybe I just need a little more time to get used to it.

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Term of use: about a month;

Cost: 1 244 rubles with the discount, the full price 2 749 rubles.

Rating: 8/10.

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