Bobbi Brown Luxe Eye Shadow Multichrome Jungle

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Hello, beautiful ladies.

Today I want to show you is very ambiguous shadows, personal to me, Bobbi Brown Luxe Eye Shadow Multichrome Jungle, released in the autumn collection of the brand.

All who are interested, I invite under kat.

Well, start as usual with the packaging.

Plastic box khaki:

On the package it is possible to study the composition, if anyone important:

Plastic protective membrane, mirror, brushes and sponges not included:

I really wanted this shade and this shade. So wanted that she didn’t notice herself in the description of the shadows the word metallic. These textures are very challenging to apply and insidious — can emphasize any imperfections. Well, that’s my bad.

The texture is quite unusual — elastic and velvety. Absolutely no dust when typing.

Now about the tint. If you compare the two shades my and shades of Eugenia karmelita-05, it is possible to the naked eye to see a big difference. I have — it’s green, bright, rich greens on a brown base. Here, apparently, a lottery, and it all depends on what the pigment will get more.

Daylight at a window, shadeElectric lightFlashWinter sun


Daylight near the windowthe Flash ofthe Sun

From left to right:

The first Swatch applied in two layers with a sponge from Sanlevski odnushki, the second — imprinting movement round synthetic brush, and the third flat synthetic brush in 3 layers at the base of the Smashbox 24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer, a fourth wet a flat synthetic brush in two coats without a base.

Daylight near a window, shadethe SunRasfokus. Well, just to look at the beautiful iridescence.

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Here are the shadows applied just one touch sanlevski with a sponge without the base. The second Swatch shade. Sequins were scattered, there was one grey-brown something unintelligible. Yeah… Definitely have to use a database, and I don’t like.

Daylight at the window, a shadow

When eye shadow is very much showered sequins, feather when they fly and settle on the face and smachivaetsya there does not want to. Meteorites can not use it.

Well eyes. Shadows caused sanlevski skin base Smashbox 24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer.

Daylight at a window, shade, Daylight window, shade, Daylight window, shadow.Daylight window + flash

The sunIn Gludin village. roomsElectric lightelectric light + flashElectric light

The manufacturer promises a long lasting up to 8 hours.

Here the shadows have lasted for centuries more than 8 hours, right at the base. A little faded.

Electric lighting.

For me the shadows were complicated — too green, too sparkly. I love mono the shadows when struck they are almost a finger on a bare eyelid and ran hot. Here is not the option. Mandatory base very neat and careful drawing, and careful shading. Again, this metallic luster and radiance are not very complimentary for my age century. In General, once again promise to buy something, not feeling alive.

Price: IDB in the shade of the stand was 2100 RUB. with a maximum discount. I they cost $73,74 together with delivery.

Rating: 5 out of 10 on a new evaluation scale. This is my personal subjective opinion.

Thank you all for your attention.

With you Milena.

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