Body care: jelly lime scent and the scrub with organic raspberry oil

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Fragrant and colorful jars.

To cosmetics for the body, I am calm: there are certain base creams/oils/lotions, which I occasionally use and forget about buying new vehicles until such time as a definite and I need Bank will not end. But even I become a victim of marketing in such matters. As it happened, for example, that this jelly.

Loren Cosmetic Fruit jelly for body lime

Bought the lipstick at the same time decided to watch something interesting and saw a round bright bottles of fashionable and alluring with the word “jelly”. The first Association — Yes, it’s jelly for the soul style LUSH! Well, I am not able to carefully read labels in bursts of delight. Chose the flavor and aroma, and the houses have found that jelly is is a lightweight moisturizing gel for the body skin.

Texture — a real elastic jellies. We expect, of course, but could cheat. However, not deceived, insanely happy.

I was scared at first to climb up there hands and pull perfectly content swinging, but it turned out to be simple: enough only a light touch of his fingers to take a certain portion of the gel.

The gel contains Golden granules, which when applied to a burst and give the appropriate pigment. All this is pounded until clear and leaves behind a teeny-tiny shimmer, visible only on the photo. The manufacturer claims that in the granules (in other words, in capsules) contains the promised vitamin E.

In warm time of the year that Jell-o was a very pleasant addition to care.

First, it has a cooling effect, which, in turn, refreshes and soothes the skin.

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Second, the tool is very quickly absorbed and leaves no sticky residue. At first I was afraid that the skin is non-drying to form the pellicle, but this did not happen.

Thirdly, it instantly removes the feeling of tightness after showering or waxing.

Aroma — not a natural lime. I’m sure that many will not appreciate. But on the skin, it by the way, is not long delayed, so that this point can be forgiven.

In the cold season when the skin becomes more care, this jelly will not affect the situation. Of course, it can be applied to dry areas, but the result is disappointing. However, do not consider it correct to reduce this score, because the gel is stated easy but not nutritious means. In General, for the summer — the most it.


Term of use: about 3 months

Price: about 150 rubles

Rating: 5

Body scrub Planeta Organica Siberia Siberian pine nuts and organic raspberry oil

There are people who categorically don’t like facial scrubs. And there are people who do not recognize and body scrubs?

It seems to me that past the scrub difficult to pass. This is a nice and useful tool, the practical purpose of which is obvious to all. And when you consider the various types, flavors, extracts, ingredients (you can choose whatever you want!), it is almost impossible to resist.

In the store, of course, was the meal of choice that grew into a desire to try “that’s the Malinka”.

Jar vestita and heavy. A volume of 300 ml.

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Inside the thick contents with a huge number of patches. The role of abrasive particles is performed by a shell of pine nuts. The basis of sea salt.

The aroma is thick and tart. Raspberry, but not quite familiar. Sweet, enveloping.

From cedar nothing.

Apply the scrub to damp skin and… at First hands and feet appear in reddish-pink divorce, then the pigment is ground quickly, leaving the skin oil which together with the particles of the shell. Scrub relatively hard, but the skin does not scratch and does not irritate. Of course, better not to risk and not to put it on any damaged areas because the salt will immediately let you know. For example, on one hand I have constantly irritated areas of the skin on the fingers and this particular hand I was not too comfortable to RUB the scrub.

Typically, each site I have to massage for about 30-60 seconds, then wash and get happy, smooth and happy skin. No leaving behind a scrub is not required.

I also have for the first time such an economical scrub. Sometimes it seems endless.

On hand:


Term of use: about 2 months

Price: about 250 rubles

Rating: 5

Sincerely, Maria

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