Body scrub Geomar Thalasso Scrab Illuminat, which is well worth a try

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In the summer, in the heat, I bought a body scrub Geomar Thalasso Scrab Illuminat — Lightening Thalasso scrub with granules of lemon. Thought it will be enough budget to replace my beloved Thalasso scrub Collistar, but I was wrong, this fellow turned out to be quite different, but as time has shown, no less beautiful.

Brand Geomar Italian, produces cosmetics with enough natural formulations that do not use parabens, silicones, dyes, mineral oil.

The product range is wide enough Geomar. This care for face and body, unique anti-cellulite series, suntan and even have hair. A special place among the products of body care is a variety of scrubs based on sea salt. About the bottom of them will be discussed.

So, packing all scrubs brands — a great big plastic jar with bright green lid. Exactly cap — a distinctive feature of the package because any kind of scrubs it is exactly this color, but the banks themselves are multicolored. As you may have noticed, my color is “lime”.

Initially the Bank was covered in protective plastic, and under the lid to prevent leakage, was still sealed and the membrane. In addition, inside I found the special plastic spatula.

After opening the cans before my eyes appeared the following picture: salt pressed into the bottom of the can, and on top of floated oily liquid. If you ever used salt scrubs Collistar, we are familiar with just such a stratification of texture. I should note that this is (a mixture of sea salt, oils, sea minerals) and should be a real Talasso-scrub.

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It is clear that before use, all need to be mixed thoroughly, and do it every time, because the scrub is continuously stratified. First, the process is not without effort, but each time the scrub in a jar is becoming less and mixing easier.

Now for many the most interesting part:

In my Amateur opinion, it’s great! Citrus extract and lemon cleansing powder. Indeed, I immediately noticed that float in the liquid some tiny particles, which are very similar to dried lemon. Another of the interesting things in the scrub has a wonderful caring oil rose mosketa, Almighty even panthenol and Niacinamide.

Should be noted that the particles of salt in the scrub is not very large, therefore its effect of medium hardness, i.e. it is perfectly fine scrub particles, but without fanaticism, but ladies with thin, sensitive skin is unlikely to fit. When applied to the skin hydrochloric oily mass, as it adheres to the skin and grains of salt almost does not crumble under his feet. In addition, the base scrub works on the principle of hydrophilic oil, i.e. when combined with water it starts to emulgirovanija, turning into a gentle milk cleanser that lightly foams. Now, salt is responsible for exfoliation and skin renewal, base gently cleanses, oil and other spices to care, nourish, make the skin soft to the touch, and the lemon tones, refreshes and brightens really. The consumption of the average scrub. At one time I use three or four small portions. Under the regime 1-2 times a week, the banks it took me about 3 months.

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I usually apply the scrub to wet skin, then ground, salt gradually begins to melt, and the resulting gentle lotion softens the process. If to do the same on a more dry skin, and only then to add water, the process, of course, will be more rigid. But in any case, after that scrub the skin clean, toned and feels smooth-smooth, but not dry. My last fact is especially important. Of course, in any case in the future, use a lotion/cream/body butter, but to the application of “time”, because there is no familiar feeling of tightness or itching.

Separately want to mention the refreshing effect of the scrub, and this is just what was needed in the hot summer. Here, as it combines two steps in one — a warming effect and soothing-refreshing. On very hot days it was just what the doctor ordered))) But when the summer passed, and the scrub was still, his action pleased me, and in the autumn.

And of course, the pleasant feeling from the scrub enhances its magnificent aroma! To me it smells of sweet Sicilian lemons and brings memories of holidays, sea, sun…

And follow-up.

It seems that along with scrubs Collistar, I had another favorite — Geomar scrub, and now I want to try them all, good brands have a pretty wide range. By the way, I already purchased Geomar Thalasso scrub Deep recovery and the effect of the new skin. Will try to share with you the opinion about it.

Terms of use: about three months.

Volume: 600 ml.

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Manufacturer country: Italy.

Price: I paid something around 600 rubles, but usually the price for this scrub is in the range of 1000 RUB.

Rating: 5.

Thank you for your attention.



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