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The brand Kitchen cool Organic body scrubs, today will talk about three of them:

  • Sassy corn
  • Pumpkin for Cinderella
  • Christmas snow

Polishing body scrub Brash Corn Organic Kitchen Polishing Body Scrub

I love scrubs harder, so when I first applied the scrub, thought that I would be disappointed — polishing particles are small and although a lot of them, it cleans quite easily. Really feels like a Polish, not a scrub.

But the reality turned out differently — the skin after it is sooooo delicate and soft, it felt right, when you wash away the scrub. I really like this effect.

And the fragrance of the scrub is very nice, sweetie.

Volume: a standard for these cans — 100 ml.

Testing period: about 2 months

Rating: 5

Price: about 70-80 rubles, if there was a new increase of prices

Softening body scrub Pumpkin for Cinderella’s Organic Kitchen

Consistency is what we need — not soft and not too hard, sugar.

The skin after it is sooooo delicate and soft! It seems a oils that moisturize and nourish.

But the smell on the fan, and he is also on the body remains. Aroma of pumpkin, a bright, Intrusive. I liked it, but for some it can be a disadvantage.

Volume: 100 ml.

Price: around 70-80 RUB.

Testing period: about 1.5 months

Rating: 5

A refreshing body scrub Christmas snow Kitchen Organic Refreshing Body Scrub

Don’t know about you, but personally, I have summer forever hands are drawn to funds with mint flavoring. Want of freshness and coolness.

Pining from the heat wave this summer, picked up this body scrub from the Organic kitchen.

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For me its consistency is perfect — it is not liquid, not too thick, not gentle but cleans well and does not scratch the skin.

Smells of mint, but the cooling effect does not, although it refreshes fine. Makes skin soft, exfoliates well.

I recommend to try, especially since it costs about 70-80 rubles

Volume: 100 ml

Testing period: about 3 months

Rating: 5

Do you like scrubs of this brand?

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