Body Shop is testing alternative testing of cosmetics on animals

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Company Body Shop has signed a contract with the British organization XCellR8, which is obliged to test all products of the brand to determine whether the used cosmetic ingredients and formulations to cause irritation to skin and eyes.

XCellR8 positioned itself as the only laboratory in the world that in their trials completely abandoned animal products. In other words, the company does not use serum, tissue, or antibodies extracted from animals for testing cosmetic products and chemical industries.

“By signing this agreement, both companies firmly believe that in the beauty industry there is no scientific requirements for testing on animals”, – stated in the press release of the company XCellR8.

Jason Matthews, international Director for regulation of the Body Shop International, commented on the project: “the Body Shop campaigns against animal testing in cosmetics for over 30 years, and we are pleased that after the ban on the use of in the cosmetics industry in the European Union there alternatives testing without involving animals. We recently started working with XCellR8 because it is an innovative, women-based, British business testing without animals. Both our companies are firmly committed to alternatives to animal testing and are passionate about the scientific and ethical advances in this area.”

In addition to the services that XCellR8 will provide Body Shop, groups say they are also working together to lobby for a worldwide ban on animal testing. XCellR8’s founder Dr. Carol Treasure spoke at the recent UN General Assembly, describing these joint efforts.

As one of the partners Body Shop for testing, representatives of XCellR8 explain that the security tests without the involvement of animals have become the default choice, thanks to scientific innovation in the technology of cultivation of human cells.

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Dr. Carol Treasure, commented on the partnership: “Our goal is to become a world leader in testing without animals. Deep academic understanding of physiology and how the chemicals interact with the body, means that more accurate and reproducible results are achieved when tests are conducted on human skin cells, not on animals. Partnership with the Body Shop was the perfect event for XCellR8, because our continuous investment in innovation, research and development ensure we remain at the forefront of cosmetic science.”

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