Bokashi Rub Oil is a fermented oil concentrate

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Decided that this baby still deserves a separate post.

Indonesian is a panacea, local means “from all” 🙂

The content is a combined oil extract of medicinal plants, which was subjected to fermentation by the complex of fungi, yeast and microorganisms by a special technique developed in Japan.

I have a bottle of 12 ml, and the box the breakdown of the composition by grams.

The box was sealed in plastic, and the film — sticker in Russian.

So originally looked packing.


Base of coconut and kyoutango oils. This is important and it doesn’t matter, because in the fermentation process oils change characteristics become more penetrating and less oily to the touch.

Plants: lemongrass, eugenol (generally, the substance is contained in various plants such as Myrtle, clove, Basil, is not entirely clear why it was issued separately), fennel, cinnamon, peppermint, ginger, turmeric, graptophyllum, Andrographis, languates, tinospora, betel nut.

Some plants are familiar to us, some are representatives of the local flora (such languates and betel).

Collectively, these extracts are antioxidant, antibacterial and bacteriostatic, fungicidal, antiseptic, antipruritic, regenerative, anti-inflammatory and redness, etc.

And also aromatherapy effect.

Recommendations on the application stem from these characteristics and amazed by the vastness…

Pure bites, weeping sores, scratches, itchy spots, ringworm, fungus, burns, etc.

As a deodorant.

Rubbing for pain in the joints, inflammation of muscles, etc.

Therapeutic and aromatherapy baths (5 drops per 10 liters).

Inside (!!!) when indigestion, as a gargle in sore throat or stomatitis (2-3 drops in a glass of water).

All of this for adults and children.

In principle, the meaning is clear, though, and looks weird.

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My experience

Vial of brown liquid with intense odor, which is guessed lemongrass, mint and more herbal notes. The smell is strong, but rather pleasant. Concentrate very liquid, the spout is narrow and delivers very small droplets.

From all the above I tried the concentrate for baths and as additives in cosmetics.

Bath was very fragrant, toning, invigorating and soothing at the same time.

A drop of oil no oil film was not given, of course. The primary effect of aromatherapy.

But for cosmetic purposes concentrate proved to be very interesting.

I liked to add it to a moisturizing mask GIGI (wrote about it). The mask is a simple composition, not overloaded with assets, so you can safely add any other ingredients.

A portion of the mask is enough one drop (tried two much, too active). I mix in my palms and apply on the face.

The effect of extracts there, there are a tingling sensation, known (is give tonic Agnetha — ginger, cloves, cinnamon, lemongrass, mint…) Refreshing tingling runs for 10 minutes, then no special feelings there.

But the mask proved to magic when I burned the skin mask with mandelic acid and vitamin C (the scent and went to the Internet, held up, got red spots all over face). I immediately caused the mask GIGI with a drop of concentrate and left for three hours. When removed, on the face there is only one small red spot, which the next day passed. My skin is some unknown result…

In the normal condition of the skin mask is very refreshing overall condition, gives beautiful color, light color, removes uneven redness from the face. Stops inflammation, if they are going to organize some sort of a zit.

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Do this mask a couple times a week, helps to keep the skin adequately against the background tretinoin, frost, heating other things, from what I have vzvinchivanie skin reactivity.

Also tried adding the concentrate to a neutral base of creams. I have a day cream with vitamin F from Femegyl — really nice. But also — need one small drop.

And added in a Blithe pressed serum, which I used as a night cream. Serum phytoestrogens, feel neutral, like a good nourishing moisturizer. Concentrate added to her regeneration and antioxidant protection. In the morning the skin was more calm and refreshed than just whey.

In General, a great way to maintain healthy skin, relieve inflammation and itching for regeneration, antioxidant protection, etc.

For reactive, sensitive skin; for skin, prone to inflammation, acne; to treat skin after cold or active sun — a great helper.

For those who make home cosmetics, is generally the concentrate assets and preservative at the same time.

Price 590 rubles in 12 ml 990 rubles per 35 ml. the Consumption is very economical.

The testing period is 1.5 month

Otsenka 5!

Girls, how do you?

Thank you for your attention to my review!

I’m Vera 🙂

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