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New genuine Russian stamps — flower water.

I always thought that the firm of Batavia and mark Botavika is just a basic and essential oils. At the InterCHARM saw their booth — and it was hard not to notice, it was huge and beautiful — and was surprised, it turns out that the company has brand Botavikosunder which produced skincare for face, body and hair.

For face developed systems of care for different skin types, funds within the lineup are numbered. The packaging design is very stylish, emphasizes the natural and almost manual work…

Just a couple of weeks before the exhibition, the company released new products — the series of flower waters. More precisely, in each series of Facials appeared floral water.

I took a different, more focusing on the flowers themselves. For example, I picked a Daisy, despite the fact that she was in the series for oily skin. But any skin chamomile soothes and reduces inflammation.

Here are three of my instance.

Linden, Hamamelis, Chamomile.

Composition 99% natural.

I hydrolates and floral waters — consumable. Must be at hand, so I can maintain the skin’s moisture in the process of applying skin funds.

Under the serum, the serum (if it is quickly absorbed), behind the mask, a mask over makeup…

In addition, I often make phonophoresis (wrote about it), and it is required to do on a damp (almost wet) the surface, so always water flower water skin keep humidity.

The effect of the flowers themselves, of course, but in General the routine is not in the lead, so I take a different, more calming.

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Floral water Botavikos smell grassy with different shades. Lime does not the very smell of Linden, and chamomile — the chamomile, but in the background these flowers guessed. Overall smells nice and light, unobtrusive. The witch hazel with a pleasant nutty flavor.

Packaging — glass bottle 50 ml with a very good sprayer that gives a fine cloud, convenient to use.

Generally about the floral waters do not write a lot, those who use such means, you know, the thing.

I use all three of their water alternately, to all the hand stretches, all well-suited for chuvstvitelny of the skin, a negative reaction there. But moisturizing, pleasant, easy tone is there.

Given the price — very nice tools for any system of care.

The price is 100 rubles for 50 ml.

The testing period is 1 month

Rating 5

Girls tried anything from avoiding Botavikos? I haven remedies for body scored — super…

Thank you for your attention to my review!

I’m Vera 🙂

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