Bouquet of daisies in a compact package: the pros and cons of tonic from Clarins

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Good afternoon, beauties!

For a long time I didn’t understand what place in daily skin care is the tonic (or lotion) and whether it needs to me personally. My first “serious” product in this series was tonic with raspberries from PAYOT, but he I, frankly, was not impressed. However, girls in various beauty communities continued to sing odes to this type of funds, and I decided to attempt number two. It became my toning lotion with camomile Clarins Toning Lotion With Camomile.

Lotion Clarins announced as a means for daily care of dry and normal skin. As promised, this tool contains no alcohol, moisturizes and tones the skin not only by Daisy but also by the extract of Linden and also helps to prepare for applying basic care serum, cream or mask.

All necessary to discover the lotion of the theoretical information is on the bottle. English — the composition, on a separate sticker in Russian method of application and allotment of funds.

The amount of lotion is standard for this medium — 200 ml. Vial lightweight, plastic, matte. He doesn’t slip out of your hands, it is not nasty fingerprints. After the first application you can use this lotion for a year and a half, but hardly on the shelf it will last that long: I can’t say that the flow of money is small. Largely to blame is the lack of the dispenser: Unscrew the cap and see a normal input-output hole from which the lotion is supposed to pour on a cotton pad. It is not surprising that very often, the disc gets more money than you need, but because the lotion is quickly consumed.

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Another controversial feature of this product is its scent. If you are a fan of bright herbal scents, the love with the tool you could not emerge. Personally, I feel its scent on the skin 10-20 minutes after application, even if the top is already applied a cream or a mask. Fortunately, me it’s not annoying and with something like the smell of marigold))

The lotion is a liquid yellow-orange shade that even on a cotton disk gives slightly yellow.

You know, thanks to this lotion I finally understand why you need such tools. It leaves no stickiness on the skin, instantly removes tightness after cleansing, creams and serum after it is distributed and absorbed much better. Of course, of wonders I in the mirror is not seen, but I’m a big girl and miracles from the use of cosmetics is more or less available segment don’t believe) the Main thing — to help care for the skin, and the lotion Clarins cope perfectly well!

My rating: definitely “five”

Price: varies between 2 000, however, the brand often participates in various promotions, and this lotion it is possible to buy at an attractive price

Experience of use: approximately four months twice a day

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