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Lately I catch my decorative products Bourjois consistently delight. At first the concealer was a pleasant surprise, and now matte liquid lipstick fast breaks into the list of favorites. Today I’ll tell you about my favorite nudemom the tone of recent weeks — Rouge Edition Velvet — 07 Nude-ist.

As liquid lipstick, a box reminiscent of the packaging of lip gloss. The cap color is more or less close to the shade of lipstick inside.

In one of the ordered beauty boxes I got the shade 07 Nude-ist, which is calm propylene pink color.

Applicator spongey, small and, in my opinion, not the most convenient. I don’t know what went wrong, but to paint them exactly the circuit I’m not the first time, and the lipstick causes uneven, with some ridges.

The texture is declared as opaque and resistant (promise already 24 hours), but there are nuances.

For example, if you apply in a thick layer of the lipstick does not freeze, remaining semi-matte. However, I constantly feel the smell and sometimes even taste.

With this method of applique is worn not very long, and goes ugly. On the other hand, does not emphasizes the texture of the lips.

If applied thinly, then there is a 100% matte finish, but with the lips speak all the folds and cracks that were not visible.

But I personally like this version more, because it looks on the lips, goes well with almost any version of the makeup worn evenly and goes.

Of course, of any 24 hours of the question, but 5-6 hours, including snack, will survive. What is important when applying a thin layer of fondant I don’t feel the smell/taste, which is the first option socks constantly annoying and distracting.

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Washed off easily means eye make-up remover (micellar water, hydrophilic oil). Titovym has a slight effect, but in the case of this shade and it just strengthens my native pigment of the lips.

To summarize, I can’t say that this is just perfect and easy to use matte lipstick, but it is necessary to find the right approach, as it consistently makes you want to paint exclusively by it. In addition, the shade, as on my taste, rather a relaxed and versatile, while able to beautify almost any type of appearance.

It is worth noting that the photo was taken in daylight winter (i.e., cool) light. Under a warmer lighting tone is also warmer, leaving more in the direction of reddish-Burgundy.

8.4€цена7/10оценка1 month, 4P/nudeleisaibens

What do you think about these lipsticks, what shades like? Did you have problems in drawing? And how much stopping you flavor (if it, of course)?

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