Boys Kilian EDP- “Mini sculpture in the spirit of contemporary art, bomb in which the charge of seduction”

It describes the aroma of the author, Kilian Hennessy

Kilian I love for a long time, already 5 years, I have many of their flavors are like.

The only thing that always stops you from buying is the price.

And with the current exchange rate of the dollar so in General, but let’s not about sad.

I could not miss their new series By Kilian My Kind Of Love

About it a lot who writes and speaks, only lazy blogger not told about these bombs.

This series is positioned as a budget and the youth, the price is really cheaper than regular fragrances Kilian, but still, not really out of budget, ifcompared to conventional brands.

When I went to the store to listen to them, I fell in love with all 4 fragrances at once. By the way, out the other, but it is not known whether they will be available in Russia.

I Santa Claus gave perhaps the most controversial fragrance of the entire line, the smell of Coca-Cola (in General, what was ordered, then gave)

Just look at this packaging.

It is very unusual.Such spirits I’ve ever had. This mini-bomb, as described by the Creator.

Aroma belongs to the group of woody spicy

Although you smell and can not say…


Top notes — Coca-Cola and lime

Middle notes — Cinnamon, Apple, nutmeg

Base notes — White cedar Wood and amber.

Interesting pyramid, right?

The smell of amber I still don’t understand.

Persistence and plume

Durability — these super-stable perfume, the same as the rest of Kilian. Though this range and economy, they certainly didn’t skimp.

For me to stay the whole day, on clothes — 2-3 days, just before washing.

But I wouldn’t say that this fragrance is Daisy-chained Cola. Here for me unfortunately, but perhaps Coca-Cola in the plume would look weird.

In my opinion, was never that I didn’t ask for an interesting aroma on me when I am in Kilian Boys.

By the way, hearing it on someone, I would not have believed that it is generally Kilian.

This fragrance is unisex, though many attribute it to the male. Maybe because of the name. It is not cloying, and not even sweet, it’s true, not girly.

Kilian Boys refers to the woody fragrance.

Many write that it feel musk, and even the ood, I never felt. Although UD just love it and mostly I have a collection of heavy Oriental scents.


This fragrance with a very interesting revelation. In a few hours he turns 90 degrees. And your opinion of him may change dramatically after a couple of hours after application.

So I do not advise to buy it without zatista.

By the way, as he revealed in the shop and as he reveals to me, in constant use — it’s like two completely different spirits.It’s my first time.

What do I hear?

I hear in it the dominant Coca — Cola, throughout the sound. After about two hours after application I can hear the sweetness, but not cloying. In the middle of the day leaving more cedar with lime, mixed with the same Cola that is heard throughout that time until the spirits are still generally audible.

At each sampling, the Boys revealed in different ways, by the way I haven’t seen it yet, well, except that the Molecule still smells always different.


This scent is completely unobtrusive, which is unusual for perfume Kilian. But it is very durable.

Usually after a month the spirits are tired of me, but not in this case.

The aroma is very unusual and interesting. You get a chance, listen to this series!

6630₽цена10/10оценка1 a month, 1P/danapalooza

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