Brand chord flavors Tiziana Terenzi – Andromeda

My acquaintance with aromas of Tiziana Terenzi happened: first, has been bought dozens of samples, which formed a representation about creativity of the brand and formed several “hotelok”, then appeared ollivant Andromeda, and then I decided to thoroughly “flecanide” this scent.

Now I know perfume brand with her eyes closed according to original chord, upon which all the Tiziana Terenzi fragrances and is ready to share with you my thoughts on this issue.

Before proceeding to the analysis of spirits “the bones”, I suggest to read the dry facts.

Basic information

Name: Andromeda

Brand: Tiziana Terenzi

Collection: Luna

Fucking: Italy

Gender: for men and women

Release year: 2015

Concentration: extract de parfum (perfume)

Price: 10400 per 100 ml

The composition of the notes

Top notes: bergamot, grass, ylang-ylang and water Jasmine;
Middle notes: Lily, violet leaves, damask rose, pear flower, white heliotrope and peach;
Base notes: coconut, amber, vanilla, Kashmir wood, ebony, fine beans and powdered sugar.
Group fragrance: Oriental floral

Manufacturer’s description

Crystal floral fragrance Tiziana Terenzi Andromeda attracts the attention of sweet notes of fruit and wood nuances, but at the same time gives good greens fragrance. The smell is a mix of aromas of flowers, the origin of which are in the mountainous area of Italy. So in this little bottle is enclosed atmosphere of the Italian nature, wild grasses and mountain peaks.

The design of the fragrance

The spirits look very nice, their design is worthy of special attention.

The box you have already seen on the main photo of the post.

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It is cardboard and has a soft touch coating.

Made in white and beige tones decorated with gold fragments.

Opens by lifting the lid up, then stand under the bottle of foam.

The bottle is a real work of art! It is not transparent, white, material cover to the touch like rubber. A sticker with the name of the volume, has a visible thickness and rises slightly relative to the surface of the bottle. The cover is very heavy, metal, gold. It is drawn scheme of the phases of the moon.

Spirits are only sold in a volume of 100 ml. They are not light, but still weighty cover. To transport this bottle uncomfortable. The manufacturer took care about the consumers of their products and put this one kryzhechku, simple, plastic, weightless. It is in the foam of the podium bottle.

The design of the fragrance is emphasized pompous, expensive. I love stuff like this, they make the world brighter.

Aroma. Impressions. Association.

The most beautiful in the creations of the brand Tiziana Terenzi is a brand accord, and a unique base. In my opinion, she amber-musk with ambergris in the formula of “Half” with a sweet-sour, fruity smell, and the white musk is a synthetic formula with the scent of purity, freshness, lightness. All perfumes of the brand consist of this base, which are mixed with additional notes.

Spirits Andromeda is almost pure chord brand brand Tiziana Terenzi. To the base mixed with a little woody and herbal notes. Get amazing beauty amber-fruity, woody-green scent. Very feminine, the man is not present.

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The most surprising thing about it is its atmosphere. The aroma is bright and transparent. Incredibly loopback. It fills all the space around and remains even after from the premises will be its bearer. I agree with the descriptions of this fragrance, as the scent of Italian nature, wild grasses and mountain peaks.

Creations Tiziana Terenzi is a new in the perfumery art. A fresh look. The unusual presentation. I have always loved transparent, atmospheric fragrances. But this has surpassed all that I knew before. Except, perhaps, one. But that’s another story.

In terms of where and when to wear the Andromeda, I can hardly be objective. I think you can wear it everywhere and always.

This is a very strong flavor. Rests on the hair, skin and clothes to water procedures.

Now I appreciate the rest of Tiziana Terenzi at the perfume intensity signature of the chord. The brighter it is, the more I like the flavor. Although there are some, like the Maremma, Laudano Nero, a Chimera in which smoky, speziavia and gourmand notes drown out the signature database. But still it is there. Its presence defines a clear signature scents of the brand and gives even the heaviest songs music, atmosphere and brilliant sound.

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