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Another lipstick from the summer collection of D&G

Hello, beauties! In the summer I introduced you to a new line of lipsticks for D&G Miss Sicily, this is a lipstick type of balsamic, moisturizing and glossy. First the heroine was bright as August, and today I want to show a more restrained version of autumn lipstick.

Main characteristics would have to be repeated:

Packing: Carton box glossy black in color. Inside the Golden.

Lipstick is placed in an oblong boxthat follows the cases of a series of Passion Duo. The only difference is that in the series Passion Duo they are completely Golden, and Miss Sicily gold with black.

The texture of the lipstick balsam. The application of a lipstick consistency resembles slightly melted butter. A little slow, but the lips “melts” and coats a nice gloss. Glossy coating, but, unlike lipstick from the previous post, more dense.

Color: mauve with blue and white shimmer. Shimmer delicate, not smeared on the face when you remove the lipstick. Color: translucent, easy to overlaying. I think it’s the one universal color that will suit almost any girl regardless of color type.

The care is. Lipstick moisturizes lips slightly, but expect from her powerful care is not necessary.

Smell there is, smells like roses. The flavor is not strong and unobtrusive.

Durability is moderate, with the snack will leave a gloss, leaving the lips a hint of color and shimmer. The outline is not flowing, and generally trouble-free to wear.

Consumption of large.

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The sun

The sun shimmers delicately shimmer

Daytime natural light. I really like this restrained radiance shimmer. Adds depth and color.

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Day natural lighting

Day natural lighting

In a General way

In the end,I can say that buying happy. I have “works” is active. This is the same color and texture that will not fail during the day and easily corrected if necessary.

Price: 2870 RUB before discounts

Rating: 5

My name is Vita.

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