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Who doesn’t love a good brush? They are our faithful assistants daily. They are able to turn the process of applying makeup in a small ritual, helping us to understand the Zen between the application of colors and dusting.

Today, your attention — brush Annbeauty M1, M3 and M9 series Magic.

Limited edition Magic came out recently, and even on the official website of the brand on them is not so much reviews as other creations of Anna Kartashova.

In a series of 5 brushes, but I usually don’t buy those that are designed for the shooter and operate the lower eyelid.

Have Annbeauty always laconic but stylish design. In a series of Magic wooden handles painted in a deep emerald color, the brush is quite lightweight and compact, used pile goats class A+. On the handles marked with the room number. All brushes manufactured in Japan, which again is traditional for this brand.

Brush Magic M1

The largest brush in the collection. Brush length from tip to the top is 16.6 cm, hair height — 27 mm.

The brush is very elastic, gathered densely, pile delicate, pliable. Note the irregularity of the shape: hand beveled, left edge slightly higher. Due to this, improving the quality of polerowania product into the skin.

The brush is for dry and creamy texture, and can be used for applying tone feather sculptor and blush.

I’ve tried it in two textures: applied light and medium density to the tone that worked with the dry and cream blush and highlighter.

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Best brush showed their thick creamy texture and bright products of dry texture (military of all kinds regardless of the degree of spressovannost, bright blush or a blush with a slight addition of shimmer). Don’t do the sculpting, but I suppose that for dark sculptor she’ll be perfect. But for blush texture “chalk” a soft pink color I would choose another brush and more air application.

Despite the fact that the photo brush seems large, it is lighter and slimmer my usual (and available) brushes close forms and packings.

For comparison, the frequently used my Bobbi Brown brush to apply blush on the background of the M1 looks very large.

Cost — 6100 RUB

Rating 9 out of 10

Brush Magic M 3

Must admit that this brush has plunged me in confusion. I have never had such a tiny brush. I actively use a small and thin brushes for powder, find them more comfortable compared to large furry animals not only for areas under the eyes or nose, but for the whole person.

Brush length is 16,5 cm, pile length of 25 mm.

The brush is a medium density gasket and a perfectly straight cut. The intent of the manufacturer it is designed for applying concealer, highlighter, blush, pripudrivania area under the eyes. With concealer M 3 I don’t like to blend concealer with your fingers was easier, but with powder products behaves fine: the application gives a very delicate and airy.

Highly recommend it for applying powder on the wings of the nose and under the eyes. Dry blush is good, quality working the brush, but my favorite did not. With highlighter — okay, but only if the highlighter is very finely ground and superdelegate texture. For Sverchok with medium to deep texture, or patches of best fit elastic M1.

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I don’t have a brush similar (or close) form. For comparison we show the brush next to other “delicate” brush loose packing: Annbeauty Katakana S4 and Bobbi Brown Sheer Powder. Against the Magic M 3 they look like giants.

Cost — 3100 RUB

Rating — 8 out of 10

Brush Magic M 9

This brush has become my favorite. She has phenomenal form and softness of the pile. Previously my favorites among brushes for eyes Tom Ford Tom Ford 11 and 13. This baby has put them on the shoulder. Now I paint only she, and she alone is able to lay the main color on the lid and highlight the crease by his “tail”, and get a second/third color on top of the denser.

Brush length — 16 cm pile Length of 20 mm.

The brush M 9 a very non-standard form. The photo above is easy to see that the “tail” which I mentioned earlier. He gently “hold” the color, turning it for centuries in a haze.

I love facelebration (and close to fakelore) form of brushes for the shadows. Easy to operate, it is versatile.

For comparison, the M9 with a similar size and shape brushes — TF 13 classic line Annbeauty A9

Cost — from 2400 RUB.

Rating is 10 out of 10

Thank you for your attention!


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