Brush Foreo Luna Mini 2

Recently I appeared the famous brush to cleanse the skin from Foreo, and in this post I will share my impressions. Welcome!

Brush Foreo Luna Mini 2

This is not the first experience of using brush cleanser for me, and I have nothing to compare. So, for some time I used the brush Almea and tried Clarisonic. I must say, the brush Foreo is different from the aforementioned funds. Let everything in order.

About the device. In order to understand what it was like — need to hold it in my hand. Photo does not convey its charm — it is small (my version), neat and very high quality. In addition to its primary purpose, I often use it as a device antistress, these cute bristle and constantly wants to stroke) And how soft it is… surface made of smooth silicone. There are different colors to choose from.

Brush Packed in a case made of transparent plastic, where is the manual and cord for charging from usb. Charging the device fast enough charge for a long time. I think I recharged it once. Heard what a year it generally will have to charge a few times — if so, it’s a miracle.

When the brush is charging or running the backlight at the bottom. The same is the moment when the vibration stops periodically that indicates that you can move to another area of the face. On the front side is a power button, after clicking on which the brush begins to throb. The degree of ripple can be controlled. Of course, you can control the degree of pressing, and, if you lightly touch the skin, use the brush you can even ideal for sensitive skin.

I choose the light degree of motion and light touch, as I can’t stand the strong influence of vibrations of this type, but if you like it, if pressed hard you can feel the insides of your head) in General, all to your taste.

To use the brush every day and even, I think, 2 times a day, she gives a soft cleansing, skin does not hurt. I have made friends with all I can make. Foam not much whip, but I’m not a fan of foam. Of course, the big advantage of this product is that it in itself is solid doesn’t need any attachments, nothing to assemble — disassemble. All quickly and simply.

The bristles are of varying size is seen in the photo. Thin seemed the most popular — they are well massaged and clean. Actually, I always use the Central front part of the brush all over the face, changing the angle of inclination. Thick bristles I almost never use them I see more massage effect, but the thin too much. and that’s enough for me. In General the whole procedure of purification takes me a minute, you can continue the process and a couple of minutes. The brush is reused quickly, it is stable on the surface, pleasing to the eye.

To sum up, this is a very well-designed and beautiful device, no cons discovered me not. Well, is that not enough little pouch for travel, but that’s off topic). Interestingly, of course, will the brush in the same way as from the start of usage, or be some sort of wear? I read that it is long. At least for a month nothing happened.

About the effect. I started the post with the fact that I had other brushes, so I would not say that

Foreo Luna Mini 2 cleans weaker than the Clarisonic. (This opinion immediately arises, because the bristles are still soft, silicone). I wrote above that these brushes are different: mean, in its format and design. Foreo is more effective in terms of massage. The degree of purification for me is very good. The skin Foreo tender and is absolutely clean, not irritated. Are peeling almost immediately, the skin becomes taut and polished. Of course, with Foreo effect of the cleanser is much more noticeable than from a regular washing with no additional gadgets. And the ease of use and aesthetic appeal makes it more advantageous among other brushes, in my opinion. That’s a great gift option.

But the main plus for me is that with this brush I was inspired to carefully clean the skin, and it immediately affected her positively as the pores are cleaner, smaller appear of inflammation. I am a long time not washed in General (due to dryness), then often missed procedure of washing, but now, when such beauty is present in my sink, hands reaching for her always. If you are bored with a daily routine to care for the skin — try this brush, and I’m sure you too will be inspired.

Period of use: month almost daily

Rating: 5

Price: 10000r in the area.

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