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The brush that changed my world. Or not?

Last year was lucky enough to get hold of 6 painted by the famous Japanese brand Hakuhodo. Joy had no bounds, but a year later, I can objectively and without the euphoria of a new purchase to tell you what I think about them.

Let’s start with the fact that these brushes are sold in few places, I chose the most counterfeit-proof variant β€” to order of

Came the brush in a simple but cute box, tied with orange paper tape:

The package is quite simple:

Inside the brushes were in individual cellophane packages:

Also attached info on care:

Clean and new brushes????

What I was guided in the selection of brushes?

I wanted to pack a versatile set for a complete makeover, try different shapes and pile, of course, not to ignore the legendary blue squirrel, as well as to complement the existing brush set versatile workhorses.

The site is huge! Sometimes the differences are so minimal that we had to think about what would be appropriate.

Since my eyes are small, I focused on the hands of medium and small size that will how to shade and put shadows on the movable eyelid, and stretch the pencil to make fine lines and work over small areas. The photo ???? Looking ahead, I can say that it is the principle of its modest set of brushes I am satisfied, and now more about each of them.

Important note: I have VERY sensitive eyelids, sometimes even the most gentle brush I cleave, keep this in mind when reading the review.

B5520 blue squirrel and pony.

Design standard, a series of Basic.

Brush length β€” 148 mm, pile length of 8 mm diameter β€” 5 mm

Small brush pencil for study of small details and shading on the lower eyelid. Despite the contents of the pile of blue squirrel, even an admixture of a pony, this brush was barbed. I usually shade it in pencil and shade on the lower eyelid, but it gives me some discomfort as it works and in the inner corner of the eye.

The brush is springy and holds its shape well. Tactile pile smooth, but if you put the brush perpendicular, it pricks the eyelid, as if there is one harmful the hair, which ruins everything πŸ™

As for the shape, this is a real find, be sure to acquire a few more of these, but without the contents of the pile of ponies for sure. In my opinion, for this form of brush is best suited pile goats, the protein may be too smooth for tight application on the lower eyelid

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Price: $ 22.00

Rating: 4

J5523 β€” goat, series J (the unpainted pile).

Brush length β€” 151 mm, pile length 16 mm, thickness β€” 4,5 mm

Flat brush with a rounded end, designed for applying and blending eye shadow.

This brush is truly versatile: it tightly to apply, and feather can be anything, does the job just fine. If I had to choose one form of brush, this would be among the first.

The brush is densely Packed, the quality of the cloth on the tall β€” goat is the softest due to the uncut cloth. Compared to squirrel, it is more elastic, good gaining product, so it gives, it also produces brighter svetootdachu, but the shading does not suffer.

A big drawback of white goat hair β€” it is difficult to achieve a perfectly clean brushes after using bright pigments to find a balance between effective and gentle washing it does not always work, but the Beautyblender solid soap me well helped. Brush fluffed, but not critical, she looks fine, the hairs do not stick out.

I missed some of the subtleties of edge for study of ciliary zone, but for the main (Neuvilley) she good, she turns out a chic wide feather. Would recommend it to those who want to have a great workhorse, including beginners.

Price: $ 19.00

Rating: 5

J5529 β€” goat, series J (the unpainted pile).

Brush length β€” 153 mm, pile length β€” 13 mm, diameter β€” 5 mm

Oh, how I love this baby! For my eyes it’s just the perfect size restorefocus brush. It’s small, soft, agile, elastic. Not as tightly Packed as the previous one, due to which its tip even lighter and easier. Perfectly copes with a feather for applying color in the outer corner, it can also work your lower eyelid if you want more sweeping feather. Pile goats for the brush is the best option, and as the goat Hakuhodo is an absolute pleasure (I remember, didn’t want to take their goat, I thought, why spend money on it, well, that was solved!), it makes J5529 one of the best brushes in my collection.

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The disadvantage is the same β€” badly washed, but I close my eyes, because I found a great tool and would not mind to buy another pair of the same.

Price: $ 17.00

Rating: 5+

B5510 β€” pony series Basic

Brush length β€” 141 mm, pile length 7 mm, thickness 3.4 mm

Brush pencil equipment and gaskets shadows. The only brush in this shape in my collection, probably more and is not necessary. It is good to delay the color of the pencil from the ciliary edge to smoky this is a godsend, because due to its thin edge can get as close to the lashes. The brush resembles the blade around so it work β€” pulling the color from the middle of the lines and prepective it. To work it perpendicular to hurt me, she’s prickly and hard, the function smudger-and unavailable to me. In my opinion, a little expensive 20 dollars for this function, but the brush I caught on and used. Another time he looked the counterpart in the cheaper segment.

Price: $ 20.00

Rating: 4-

J 521H – eyeliner brush hair pony

Brush length β€” 132,3 mm, pile length β€” 2.3 mm, thickness β€” 1.3 mm

And this is the microscopic eyeliner brush that I have seen! It is so little that can draw even the finest hairs on the eyebrows.

I rarely draw arrows, but when there is a desire to do it, J 521H good job with ciliated edge, but Zoeva 317 β€” still my best friend to clear and thin the tip only thanks to its beveled shape. If you want feathered arrows, this baby does the job???? I love doing gel pencil arrow and feather its edge

Due to the intricacies of easy to draw a line at the edge of the eyelashes any creamy product, making them visually thicker, draw the eyebrows, to work out milesnick and even cause a little glare in the corner of your eye. The brush is soft like a pony, flexible, easy to control

Price: $ 14.00

Rating: 4+ features the work of arrow

S142 β€” blue protein, S-series, the most recognizable red patent leather handles and gold-plated feral.

Brush length β€” 158 mm, pile length 18 mm, diameter β€” 6 mm

The handle is comfortable due to the thickness and extension to the end of the brush fits the hand perfectly. To be honest, I wanted to try at least one β€œred” brush and did not regret that paid extra for a design to use it, hold it in your hands and look at this beauty β€” a real pleasure.

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The bristles of this brush is superfine, soft and very smooth, whereby the brush is gaining a little bit of the product and causes its veil. The brush is flexible but not very elastic, the hairs are too soft and long to keep the shape, but it’s not a bad thing, but only its feature. Due to the smooth pile of a squirrel brush does not need regular cleaning, it is enough to MOP up the remnants of a damp cloth.

This brush is perfect for easy blending and application of color, haze, layering it product is problematic. A big plus β€” it is a pleasure to work with and pigmented loose shadows due to the above-mentioned features.

The pile is generally not itchy in the crease goes well, but next time I would buy S 148 for more targeted application and elaboration of the folds. For eyes larger will be the perfect size.

This brush gave me a brave new world of easy and semi-transparent shading, it is to achieve perfect haze effect simple to handle even for a beginner, even with shadows with the strongest pigmentation.

By far my best purchase, that blue squirrel Hakuhodo without additives can recommend to buy, if you want to get a full understanding of the brand, the brushes may be good, but not as unique.

Price: $ 42.00

Of course, for the look have to pay extra, but have the same shape and brush Assembly in a simple black design and cheaper

Rating: 5+

Brushes in action β€” from the lightest shading to a dense application, used a shadow for clarity:

S142, J5529, J5523, B5520, B5510, B5510 on the pencil, J512H on the pencilclosercloser

So the brush looks after a year (neat, but frequent) use:

The disadvantage of these brushes is the poor quality coating on the brush, it quickly began to fade, as well as problems with direct delivery (it is not budget).

Otherwise, I’m glad I tried Hakuhodo and just want a few more brushes to complete the picture.

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