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The brush is something you do not come immediately. First, a little bit will suffer a regular.:) And some suffer constantly and these beauty of suffering I don’t understand. Now a huge selection of brands in different price ranges, you can buy as a natural brush, so there are ethical options. But data small accessories really make your life easier.

These brushes not only that, domestic production, and created for professional make-up artists, and have a number of advantages — manual work, quality control of raw materials for the products, a quality wooden handle and variety when choosing which product to make-up that is needed.

I tried three brushes for eyes, brows and lips.

Brush M. the Art of eyebrow No. 8

Beveled natural brush width of 5 mm is made of column. Vors dialed perfectly straight.

For eyebrows, I prefer natural brushes because they are softer and cause shade eye shadow for eyebrows. The brush is moderately elastic, the pile of little bulk. For example, my previous eyebrow brush MAC was thinner and more elastic and fit more likely to draw a shooter’s eye shadow than brow. Here the brush is very convenient to operate, eyebrow manages to put in just a few seconds, with no clear lines, which then would have further to feather.

Looks and feels very nice to hold in your hands the wooden handle. The bristles to the handle is securely attached with a clip. When washing the lint brush doesn’t lose and once the brush has dried, the pile immediately becomes his original form.

Price: 410 roubles

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Brush M. Art # 4 for fine detail

Previously I have not had the brush in such a format, nothing, this miniature brush is just a real gem. No, not even that, it’s some sort of magic wand for applying makeup.

The brush is slightly rounded, flat and made of column. Has black wooden handle, the NAP is securely attached with clips to the handle.

The brush is very tiny and short, her perfectly to draw migracyjne space as well as shade the shadow on the lower eyelid. Or you can easily add accents of colour on the upper eyelid. It turns almost jewelry work 🙂

The pile column is very soft, does not scratch the skin, and the brush is sufficiently elastic. When washing the bristles don’t fade, fray, brush instantly acquires the same form as before washing as dialed very tightly and efficiently.

Price: 280 rubles

The M. Art brush No. 6 for lips

Flat synthetic lip brush on the wooden handle dialed tight, elastic, thin pile.

The brush is narrow, but still can act not only as a tool for applying gloss or lipstick, but also for applying concealer, base shadow. With this brush you can apply a concealer to lighten the skin under the eyes and for correcting eye makeup.

When used for its intended purpose — as a lip brush, the tool is very convenient to operate. The brush itself has enough lipstick/lip gloss and draw a smooth contour is not working. As well as shade the very lipstick on the lips.

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Easy to clean synthetic hair brush not lose.

Price: 210 RUB

In General, brush M. the Art is excellent and quality products at a reasonable cost, especially low-turn natural brush. The speakers are simply excellent 🙂 Your shadows will thank you

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