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Good day!

In the last couple of months De.Co. released several very nice sets of brushes. I licked at everything, but when I first saw this, bought it the same day. But it was worth it or not, all want to know under the cut. Welcome.

Set personally I think fantastic. First, it is Packed in a plastic box with a case for storage of brushes, and a plastic stand by the brushes. Case wicker, small size.

Inside everything is standard, pockets for each brush, plastic protection that would dirty the brush does not stain the cover. Magnetic clasps.

The brush seemed to me very beautiful. Metal handles. Gradient color on the pile. Tapered base that goes to milky. Brush four pieces. For powder, for blusher, for applying shadows and shading. By the way, they were attached with glue to the plastic packaging. I had to scrub the glue mitsellyarnoi.

The base of the arms on the shade I really like the following picture. When in the coffee shop I take a cold latte, first you pour the milk with ice, then pour in the coffee and formed a smoky figure. So use these brushes, I am happy, purely because of their design.

The pile of brush synthetic. And there is also the gradient color. From a darker to a lighter beige. Brushes are well washed of makeup, do not shed, but a little shove.

Powder brush

The first thing to say about this brush — it is very big. More probably just brush Real Techniques. Powder brush from a set of very elastic and tightly Packed, in fact it is a Kabuki on a long handle. It is good to apply mineral powder tightly pressovanie powder, powders, whose surface is salted, pressed extra virgin Foundation. But the usual soft pressed powder or loose powder it doesn’t, the coating will be too dense. And generally it is necessary to adapt.

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Blush brush

Blush brush, typical, slanted. The manufacturer suggests to use it for blush, highlighter, and for the correction. It is the same as the powder brush too tightly Packed, and with it the chance to anchor spots increases. For a highlighter it’s too wide for me. I prefer more of a point to apply it on the cheekbones. But this brush is convenient to blend creamy texture. So correction cream, cream and liquid blush with her friends.

Brush for applying eye shadow

Brush for applying shadows too hard. The problem is the same, too much elasticity. Besides, she’s prickly. Work it I did not like at all. All the soft shadows it will smash, shimmer showered with her, and the rest of the vast majority of shadows she eats, transferring to the skin of 30 percent of all her recruited. Theoretically, it may well apply a cream shadow, but I can’t check enough. I think her problem is that she has a very short pile. If he was three millimeters longer, it would be much better.

A brush for shading shadows

Finally restorefont brush. Here it is quite good. Narrow enough to fit in the crease, and quite for this long. Soft, not scratchy, well shaded with shadows of all textures. But I have a Chinese set of 12 brushes seems to the eye, bought for 270 rubles, and there is restorefont brush, I am willing to accept the divine, so to this hand goes less.

In the end, I consider a failure. He is not worth the money. For the same and even smaller amount on the well-known green the website, you can buy a set of Real Techniques and be happy. Set from DE.CO. definitely not for the beginner, it requires a approach and a brush should be tame.

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Period of use:

Almost two months


1590 rubles without discounts


3— these brushes can work, but not all they will fit, and a set definitely not worth the money. But I can’t put the two, they are too beautiful. I rather not recommend. With this amount it is better to look in the direction of Real Techniques, in my subjective opinion.

Thank you very much, I spent a few minutes with me. Hope that could be useful. I am very pleased and valuable your attention!

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