Brushes are never enough! Complexion Blender Brush and a set of Perfect Crease Duo

I’m so old that remember how Real Techniques brushes can be bought only in foreign online stores, relying on scraps of information the Russian-speaking and poor reviews. My first brush for powder and blush (squirrel tail) I bought it so many years they serve faithfully. Now brush the brand has won the Russian market and, fortunately, you can go to the store to touch, see, buy and take home. No long waits.

Complexion Blender Brush

The brush that attracts the eyes with its uniqueness — a new brush for tone. Beveled Dwapara, with a clever split-level design of the pile.

Inside the brush there is a special deepening, and due to the different length bristles, the brush like a beloved will leave Foundation into the skin. Shaking off the excess powder, gentle circular motions, apply your normal powder. Works like a eraser for pores, smoothes and fills their basis. I almost never use liquid tone, because judging on powder, though her tone is more difficult to align than the same BB cream. The brush is suitable for different types of Foundation and their mixing. She is very cool with the cream blush (Yes, it’s getting cold and frosty cream blush!)

The coverage created a brush and loose powder on top of cream Ф99 (without special bases):

The brush diameter 3 cm, length of the longest pile part is 2.5 cm, the shortest is 2 cm Taklon very soft, elastic, with a pointed tip is not trimmed, absolutely not scratch the skin.

The brush is comfortable to grip, rubberized handle with wide base, so that the brush can be delivered)

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Price: 800 RUB.

Rating: 5

The Duo of brushes for perfect eye makeup — Perfect Crease Duo. In the box, two brushes:

  • Prep Crease brush — beveled surround the barrel, which will do all the work.
  • Crease Defining brush — a thin brush to draw the crease, but it will also erase the boundaries and stretch the color.

“Barrel” is soft and elastic brush with pointed setinkane, it is not prickly and even fuzzy. Diameter 1 cm, length of the longest pile — 1 cm, short — 0.5 cm Is gaining shadows and takes over the entire mobile eyelid smooth dense layer from filling large areas. Moreover, you do not need any sweeping movements. Just light tapping and pritoptyvaya. To darken outer corner of the eye is easy to touch the entire surface of the brush in area eyes and two or three times to “drive” the color.

Everything else will do a second brush.

Thin “squirrel tail” easily able to draw a new crease, for example higher than natural, and open look. The brush diameter — 0.5 cm, pile length of 2 cm, Flexible and a brisk brush. Even the final bar of its fibers business. Put flatwise on the outer corner of the eye and extend the color to the temple — it will visually pull the eye and will not leave stains.

Price: about 850 RUB. per set

Rating: 5

Brushes are available not only in price, but available for sale in stores in our country. The quality is excellent, taklon Neubauer. Soft, elastic, hypoallergenic. It is easy to wash with plain soap and it dries out quickly. Taklon don’t eat all sorts of invisible mites)

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I enclose a photo of the brushes, which are about 4 years old, they are constantly in (to see what one or the other the brush), and everything like new. Never had any lint) it would be Necessary to write about them as brushes, time-tested, dry air, frequent washing and use in the tail and mane!

Old-timers 🙂

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